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Fifth Grade Homeschool Science Curriculum

Fifth Grade Homeschool Science Curriculum
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In fifth grade science, students explore tons of interesting and exciting topics on life, Earth and physical science that will help students gain a better understanding of the world around them.

What Do You Teach in Science in 5th Grade?

Fifth grade science includes the study of topics like Earth, space, engineering, and matter. Students will take part in hands-on projects and investigations to better help them understand concepts, as well as get a feel for the work that scientists do.

Below are some of the skills and concepts your child will be learning this year.

  • Comparing and describing different properties of matter such as state, texture, and mass
  • The four different spheres of the Earth (biosphere, atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere)
  • The relationship of the sun, Earth, and moon to shadows, constellations and yearly patterns
  • The role computers, robots and artificial intelligence have in our society

Check out Time4Learning’s fifth grade lesson plans for science below to view the different activities included in our science program.

Fifth Grade Science Objectives

By the end of this year, students should be able to achieve a number of objectives and gain various new skills. Below are a few concepts that a 5th grade science curriculum should help your child master.

  • Understand the movement of matter among producers, consumers, and decomposers in an ecosystem
  • Knowledge of the different changes of state, chemical reactions, solutions and mixtures
  • Identify solutions that help reduce negative impact on the Earth

Time4Learning’s Fifth Grade Science Lessons

Properties of Matter focuses on the ability to compare, describe and differentiate different types of matter, using its properties, such as state, texture and mass.
Physical & Chemical Changes focuses on changes of state (i.e.: solid, liquid, gas), chemical reactions, and mixtures and solutions.
Ecosystems focuses on the movement of matter among producers, consumers, decomposers, and the air, water, and soil in the environment.
Water on Earth focuses on the 4 natural spheres (or systems) of Earth – the biosphere, the atmosphere, the geosphere and the hydrosphere – and how they interact within the water cycle.
Interacting with Earth focuses on solutions to reduce the impacts of natural Earth processes on humans, and the fact that energy and fuels are derived from natural resources and that their uses affect the environment.
Sun, Earth & Moon focuses on the relationship of the sun, Earth and Moon to shadows, constellations and the patterns we see throughout the year because of those relationships.
Computers in Our Lives focuses on the use and the principles of computers as well as the impact they have and can have on our society.
Robotics focuses on the role of robots and artificial intelligence in our society.

Why Choose Time4Learning Fifth Grade Science Curriculum

Time4Learning provides a science curriculum that can be used as a core program or as a supplement. The interactive, STEM curriculum teaches using the 5E instructional model of Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. Interactive, online activities, hands-on offline projects, and virtual investigations and assessments provide tons of learning opportunities so that students receive a well-rounded science education.

Parents have access to activity planners, answer keys, lesson plans and tons of other homeschool resources. In addition, our automated grading and recordkeeping system saves you time and allows you to easily keep track of how your child is progressing.

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