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Time4Learning’s Latest Improvements

Time4Learning’s Latest Improvements
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We are always working hard to keep our program up-to-date and fresh to fit the needs of students and parents alike. Over the past years, Time4Learning has grown exponentially to keep up with the educational trends to be able to provide an award-winning curriculum for our students.

Browse below to see our updates listed from newest to oldest.

2019 Updates

  • Time4MathFacts – powered by Reflex, helps students practice math facts and build confidence when it comes to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Using an adaptive, individualized approach, Time4MathFacts allows students to work at the level that is right for them. As they learn math facts, the program adapts accordingly based on what they have already mastered. Time4MathFacts is great for students in 2-5th grade.
  • Activity Planner Updates – You asked and we listened! With more parental controls available here is what you can do with our new and improved planner:
    • Daily assignments for students – Parental controls enable you to modify your student’s view to show only the work you assigned for that particular day. Students will have the ability to look ahead if desired or continue using the weekly view.
    • Flexibility with breaks – Breaks can now be scheduled for any amount of time. Are you going on a 2-week getaway or taking 3 days off? You can now enter breaks for any amount of time.
    • Automatic “redo” – Set passing scores by subject. You will no longer need to manually mark an activity to be redone; this new feature will do it for you any time your student doesn’t achieve the score you set in their Activity Planner. Please note that this will not stop your student from moving forward.
    • Exclude Odyssey Writer – For students who use or complete their Odyssey Writers offline, you can now exclude all Odyssey Writer activities with one click.
    • View completed work – When editing your student’s planner, all completed work will be grayed out. This visual aid saves you time as you will no longer need to compare the Activity Planner to your student’s reports.
  • In addition to these great features, you will also notice activity status icons in your Parent Dashboard Activity Planner view.

2018 Updates

  • New Student Dashboard – We have completely redone our student dashboard to make it more user-friendly, organized, and streamlined! Students can easily see what tasks their parents have assigned, find activities with the activity-finder, and can view lessons with ease. Score data appears right in front of the student, and there are direct links to activities.
  • Improved Parent Controls – Along with our new student dashboard, we have also increased the controls that parents have when assigning activities for students to complete. Parents can determine if an activity has been completed, if it needs to be redone, and choose specific activities for students to complete or choose to skip.
  • Award-Winning Curriculum – Time4Learning consistently wins awards for its innovative and engaging curriculum. We won in’s 2018 Back to Homeschool Curriculum awards, and we were selected as one of Cathy Duffy Reviews 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. We also won the National Parenting Center’s 2017 and 2018 “Seal of Approval.” Time4Learning’s curriculum is aligned to state standards and we constantly are updating the curriculum to remain so.
  • New Unit Study Supplements – We have been releasing brand new homeschool unit study supplements every month for students to utilize. They cover topics such as states, history, presidents, geography, and more! There are plenty of supplemental activities paired with the unit studies to truly enhance your child’s learning experience.
  • New Printables – Just like our unit studies, we have been creating new printables for our members every month. Our printables allow learning to take place outside of the online environment, which creates a whole world of opportunities for your child.
  • Time4Languages – We are excited to have added our newest language. Students can now learn Hebrew, and we are working to add more languages!

2017 Updates

  • Time4Languages – To supplement the traditional subjects taught in school, we have expanded our offering of foreign languages. Check out the foreign language courses that are available for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and are accessible for up to six months.
  • Time4Writing Discount – For parents looking to increase their student’s writing skills without having to do the grading, Time4Writing is a great opportunity for a child to work with a virtual teacher to do so. We have increased our discount for Time4Learning members to 10% off! There are a wide variety of courses for students from 2nd to 12th grade.
  • Enhanced Planners – Without a proper schedule, parents can feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Time4Learning has been spending time creating printable planners to fill out with your child, and we have also enhanced our lesson planning worksheets. These resources are designed to make your Time4Learning experience as meaningful as possible.
  • Convenient reports – If you’re a homeschool parent, evaluations can be scary and intimidating. Time4Learning has improved how we generate reports to provide in-depth information to satisfy any homeschool requirements. Our reports can also be used to understand where your child is in his or her learning.
  • Community support – With a parents forum, information on homeschooling for all states, field trip ideas, and more, we are always working toward supporting our families. We offer plenty of personal advisors and our customer support through phone, email, and live chat so we can best help you. We want you and your students to be successful, so we are always improving according to your feedback.

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