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How to Homeschool Second Grade

How to Homeschool Second Grade Are you ready to begin homeschooling second grade? The first steps will be: Researching the regulations related to homeschooling in your state Choosing a curriculum (or mix of curricula) that best fits your student’s preferred learning style Determining the goals you want to accomplish for the year Determining the homeschool […]

How to Start Homeschooling In Orlando

How to Homeschool in Orlando, Florida If you are beginning to homeschool in Orlando, you are becoming part of a large and growing faction. Florida homeschool growth has trended strongly upward in recent years, with more and more families in Orlando embracing the idea of being able to customize an education program for their child’s […]

How to Homeschool a 15 Year Old

What Should a 15 Year Old Be Learning? Learning activities for 15 year olds generally cover language arts, chemistry, geometry, and world history. But some curriculum products offer a more expansive selection of subjects, such as algebra II and physics. What lessons you choose depends on your student’s skill level. Also, don’t forget about electives, […]

How to Start Homeschooling in Chicago

How to Homeschool in Chicago As with almost anything, the key to a successful start in homeschooling is knowing what to expect. This unique, flexible, and customizable approach to your child’s education begins with several important steps. Review the Illinois state homeschool laws and requirements. Officially withdraw your child from his/her current school, if enrolled. […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Videos Top 5 Questions About Homeschooling Top 5 Questions About Time4Learning Common Questions About Homeschooling How do I start homeschooling? Is homeschooling the same as a virtual school? When should I start homeschooling How much does homeschooling cost? Should I follow a schedule when homeschooling? How do I know if my child is learning […]

International Homeschooling

How To Start Homeschooling Abroad Even if you are already homeschooling in the U.S., it’s normal to feel nervous about handling your child’s education in a wholly new country. As with anything, research and planning ahead of time will make the transition to homeschooling in your new country of residence much smoother. Some of your […]

How it Works

Ver en Español See How How Time4Learning Works Online Curriculum for PreK-12th Time4Learning is a standards-based grade-appropriate curriculum with thousands of interactive lessons in math, language arts, social studies, and science. With automated grading, reporting and activity planning tools, homeschooling has never been easier. Flexible and Student-Paced With Time4Learning, you are in the driver’s seat. […]

Time4Learning Reviews on Trustpilot

Picking an educational program — especially a homeschool curriculum — is an important decision. You’ve chosen to homeschool because you want your child to get the best education possible. You want to know that your curriculum choice will ultimately meet the needs of your unique student. Reviews can be an invaluable help when it’s time to choose. […]

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