To say he likes Time4Learning is an understatement!!

I’m excited to do this review of Time4Learning.  Let me say that we had done Time4Learning previously with Joshua a few years ago so I was familiar with the basic idea of Time4Learning.  For this review I enrolled Jacob who is 4 years old.  He’s about to turn 5 in April so I chose the Preschool level for him knowing that if we decided to keep with it I could move him to the Kindergarten level if the Preschool level was a bit too easy for him.

Time4Learning Preschool is divided into 2 levels.  Jacob completed approximately half of level 1 and maybe 1/3 of level 2.  To say he likes Time4Learning is an understatement!! He’s really enjoyed the activities in the Preschool level and I have no doubt he’ll enjoy the K level.  Here are the things I liked about the Preschool level.   There is a great deal of reading to the child and much of it contains rhyming which is a critical skill for little ones just starting to learn to read.  They also allow the child to “write” their own books by having them pick a subject and then asking them questions about it.  Their answers are then made into an online book about the subject that they read to the child immediately.  There are several activities with sequencing and patterns.  Both necessary skills for little ones.  There are activities where the child colors an online picture.  These are Jacobs most favorite things to play on Time4Learning.  Letters, shapes, vocabulary, numbers, patterns and more are all covered within the activities. Be sure to check out the lesson plans here to see what each activity includes and covers.

If there were any complaints from me I would say that I wouldn’t mind having worksheet options at the preschool level.  We don’t want to do many worksheets but having the option would be wonderful.  If worksheets are never added we would still enjoy Time4Learning.  Note: Starting in K through 8th grade there are worksheets.

To drive home how much Jacob has enjoyed Time4Learning he’s sitting on the couch next to me while I write this asking me can he play yet. Can I play momma?  Can I play?  He’s seen the Time4Learning character on the screen and is chomping at the bit to play.

To summarize my feelings:  I feel like Time4Learning is a cost effective online curriculum that is worth the money and does teach critical skills at each level while making it fun for the child.  With all the options out there for computer or online programs Time4Learning seems to be a great value considering that it includes all subjects for a low monthly price.

So after discussing it Adam and I have decided to continue our membership with Time4Learning.  We feel that it’s a good investment since Jacob enjoys it so much and will also be learning while using it.  As Jacob starts Kindergarten in the fall we feel it will be a great reinforcement to our core curriculum to play on Time4Learning.