Time 4 Learning so much more than games…

Have you tried Time 4 Learning, yet?  We started using it about a month ago…and I have to say, my middle child and youngest child have thoroughly enjoyed it!  We are not big ‘techy’ people…because we don’t have the finances to be and because I like hands on, books, etc.  BUT, a little computer time every day….is nice.

This program is very comprehensive and can be used as an entire curriculum or to supplement what you already use.  For my Preschooler, I have to admit….he has been on it a little more than I planned.  My middle child is Dyslexic (auditory/visual processing issues), and has sensory issues.  So, some days….I don’t get to be as hands on with him (or his older brother) as I would like.  So, that is where Time 4 Learning has been helping.

Check out these great topics they cover for Pre-K1/2 and Second Grade.  The topics they cover, the range of information has truly been a blessing for both my middle and younger child.  I do believe we will find a way to continue this program…even with paying for it every month.

My youngest has enjoyed the Science section, learning about the stars and going deeper into his phonics and math game.  My middle child has finally found something to help her understand right/left and directions.  Have you ever tried teaching right/left or N/S/E/W to a child with a learning issue.  It can be quite…..challenging.  This program has a fun game to play that allows the parent to sit back, allow the game to teach and the child to remain in control and gain a ton of confidence.  The direction game is not the only game they have that accomplishes that….all of their games do.  I have the list of areas they cover below…but, please check out their website.

Time 4 Learning so much more than games.  They offer lesson plans for parents and updates on your child’s progress (in case you have to step away quite often….and need a little help on the back end) through their Parent Administration Area.

I can’t say enough about this program.  There are so many different ways your children will learn…you just need to drop by and try it yourself…..here is a list of some of the topics…..very high level…..and does not do the program justice!