This is the perfect solution

Time4Learning is for homeschoolers as a curriculum or supplement, or for children in school whose parents want them to have some extra instruction.  I used it with Chad, who is in 2nd grade but has some delays/learning disabilities.  He is at a 1st grade level in most subjects, but a little bit ahead in math and behind in language arts.  This program appealed to me because you can change the grade level of their instruction, to customize it for your child’s needs.

When Chad first was told about the program, he grumbled a bit, but as soon as he saw the colorful videos and graphics, he was hooked!  He enjoyed the independence of being able to move around the site himself, without needing Mom’s help.  Here’s how it works: the parent can go in ahead of time and set up what they want the child to work on in that session.  You can also set up how many minutes you want the child to work on lessons, and then how many minutes they get of playground time.  Chad loved the playground!  There were so many fun games to choose from. I also liked that since I could go in ahead of time to decide what he would work on, I could supplement with books that went along with the lessons for when we have our reading time.

For the most part, Chad could navigate himself around, and I appreciated that the lessons are said aloud for the child.  The only time I needed to help was when it was quiz time.  I would come in to read the quizzes for him.  One problem I had with Chad was he sometimes didn’t pay much attention to the lesson, but focused more on watching when he could click the arrow to move ahead.  That is impulsivity on his part though; I’m not sure that there is anything in the program that could be changed to help with this problem.

With my situation having a chronic disease that leaves me having days where I am in pain and have no energy, this is the perfect solution.  I could do our regular curriculum when I was feeling well, and on days I wasn’t, Time4Learning was there. I was very impressed with Time4Learning and plan to continue using it to supplement our homeschooling.