The reports section has been a blessing for me

I am pleased to write this review of Time4Learning.  As a home school mother of two, I am always looking for educational curriculum.    When I am looking, I look at not only the educational side, but also the fun side.    When you can get your children interested and excited about learning, with a curriculum that is highly educational, you have a winner.    I feel I have found a winner with Time4Learning.    My children have enjoyed the graphics/animation and I have enjoyed being able to track their success.   Another great aspect to this curriculum is the fact that kids can move at their own pace.    If a child is advanced, like my daughter, she can move ahead to the next grade level.    If a child is a little slower, like my son, he can review areas he struggles in and move ahead in other areas.

The reports section has been a blessing for me.    I am big on record keeping with my home school.    So, being able to print reports on attendance, grades and assignments with a click of a button, has been fabulous.    It not only is great for record keeping, but great for seeing which areas my kids need help.   Another great thing for homeschoolers is that parents can print off worksheets that follow along with the assignments.   This helps with handwriting, because I don’t want my kids doing everything on the computer.   I really don’t have anything negative to say about this program, at this time.    Thanks and I hope you get the chance to try this program, even if it just for a summer reinforcement program.