Something that they were proud of!!!

I used this program for 2.5 yrs homeschooling my 2 Kindergarten, middle school student & high school student. More so the 2 oldest, since kindergarten was so hands-on, the older ones could watch some video lectures and test on them thru this program. They loved being able to go in and see a schedule. I loved getting notifications on my phone of their time watching and score after!

Due to divorce, my work schedule changed, the children went back in to public school. The oldest was tested in. One public high school we looked at said homeschoolers don’t test in to public school very well. Mine did wonderful on the tests and were even ahead on most subjects. That very student walked across stage this year with an all honors sash. The thing they bragged about was the test was the EXACT program style as we had been using at home! Thank you Time4Learning. It is difficult enough making a huge transition at home but in school too. You made that smooth at that time in our life for us and something that they were proud of!!! I plan on using it this year for extra help for one of my younger ones. Thank you. This program rocks!