PERFECT for portfolio evaluations!!

As we took the leap into homeschooling 2 months ago, we felt as though we were jumping blindly; grasping at straws to figure this thing out. With three adults in the house that graduated from traditional schooling, we searched for a curriculum that would allow us the flexibility, creativity, and fun that Madison craves but also the sound education we craved. In the beginning, I was writing all of the curriculum myself (a feat that took hours upon hours of time). However, I have been blessed with a new job that I love, but that takes more time and effort than I could ever imagine. As such, I can not write the curriculum at this present time. So, we discovered and it has been a tremendous blessing! Time4Learning is interactive and fun for Madison but provides all the structure, lesson planning, grading, and transcripts that we need during this busy season :-).

When we first began using Time4Learning, there was an adjustment period where we had to get used to the format and technology. This was quite an adventure in our household..I think everyone was confused. It seemed that Madison would complete her work for the day but the system would only register one or two lesson activities as complete. We discovered through  much searching that we were not exiting the program correctly. Once this was resolved, all assignments were marked complete (AND GRADED!).

Madison particularly enjoys that Language Arts and Math Lessons through Time4Learning! In fact, I enjoy them as well…hehe. They easily engage the student through flashy graphics, humor, and creative stories–all the while providing solid teaching. It has also been immensely helpful to have the worksheets and supplemental material to print out. For a while, we felt guilty having her sit on a computer all day to learn–not what we felt homeschooling should be–the supplemental materials allow us the opportunity to enforce what she is learning in a hands-on, creative environment. Another HUGE plus for us was the built in lesson plans and graded transcripts – PERFECT for portfolio evaluations!!