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Hundreds of thousands of parents have used Time4Learning’s interactive, multimedia curriculum to help their children reach their educational goals. Here’s what some of those parents have to say about their experience with the program.

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Amazin curriculum and engagement

5 Stars

By Marcia on June 2, 2020

Amazin curriculum and engagement, My son really enjoys learning. The only thing is it doesn't work well in my son’s ipad, we must use the computer and that makes it a bit more challenging for him.

Time4learning saved my son 😂

4 Stars

By Emily on June 2, 2020

My son and I have been homeschooling for a few months. Before time4learning, everyday was a fight and an argument to get him to do his work. The sighs and the eyerolls were going to push me to smoking. 💣Time4learning came into my line of sight and I decided “it can’t be any worse so why not try.”🙏🏻 IM TELLING YALL TIME4LEARNING SAVED MY SON FROM BEING FOREVER GROUNDED. He loves the lessons, I love the planning and reports. 📈If you need me, I’ll be floating in the kiddie pool out back with a drink and enjoying our days at home now. 🧉👙

Its been slow going for us with…

5 Stars

By Eileen on June 2, 2020

Its been slow going for us with homeschooling but I'm loving T4L so far

By on September 11, 2010

I was recently given the opportunity to try out Time4Learning’s online subscription program for a month. Time4Learning is an online program of educational games and programs for children in Pre-K through to grade 8. Stephen is 3 and a half, so we tried the Pre-K program and loved it! The...

PreK - 8th

  • Monthly First Student
  • $14.95/month for each additional student

9th - 12th

  • Monthly Per Student
  • Includes 4 courses

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