My Favorite Tool for Homeschooling

If you are considering homeschooling and looking for an easy BASE curriculum to follow, or even if you are just looking for some After School or Summer School options- I HIGHLY Recommend Time4Learning.

My favorite tool for Homeschool is definitely Time4Learning. Being that I had JUST made the choice to Home School, I was a little lost and didn’t know where to go. Time4Learning provided many answers.

What are my favorite things?

The record keeping for sure. I love the way that you are able to access multiple kinds of records with ease. You can print them out just like transcripts. The layout is so simple to use!

Another one of my favorite things, are all the options Time4Learning has to offer. The one that helped me the most? Was the changing of a grade level. My son is very good in Math and Science, but – if you read my blog yesterday- you know he was struggling severely in Reading and Writing. I simply went to the Parent Tools, and clicked “Change Grade Level”. From there I had multiple options. I opted to change ONLY Language Arts for him, and we brought it down a level. Soon, we will be requesting to bump him UP a level in Science. All his other Subjects are currently “On Level”.

As you can see, you can also add more students if you have more kiddos to Home School. My ASD child will be starting this actual Curriculum in February. Then I will be able to manage both my Students from the same screen vs having different accounts.

The activity scheduler is also a very handy little tool. When we first signed up? I just told it how long I wanted my son to be “in school” – from there it planned out and charted every week’s lessons so that I was able to print them either by the dates we wanted to try to complete them by- or by the subject. This way- if you move at some subjects at a faster rate you can record your progress (for your own records) there- otherwise you can print the weekly log, which includes ALL subjects, and keep track on that!

The Lessons are GREAT!

For your average kiddo- who is probably 2nd grade and up? I would say most of it can be done alone with occasional guidance. But- if you have a kiddo like mine? You may need to step in as a more involved ‘guide’. I typically sit with my son while he does MOST lessons, when it comes to Science I slink away and get some cleaning accomplished.

And it’s not all *ONLINE* either- which is a very important point to add. Yes, your “textbook” reading is online, and there are some online “games” to go with lessons (which is an added plus as it keeps your kiddo engaged) – but in addition to these, you can print worksheets and answer sheets, and you also have reading recommendations for various subjects throughout the lessons. So you can go to your library and pick up a recommended book that will coincide with what your kiddo is learning!

I also love the fun experiments they give you directions to for Science, or the art projects that can Coincide with subjects like Social Studies- for instance- we had a MARVELOUS time doing *Incan Weaving* with construction paper as per the direction included in our lesson plan!

If you need some help getting started in Homeschool, or if you are looking for something to help your kiddo in ‘after school’ or if you want to keep your kiddo busy through the summer? I highly suggest to take advantage of this program. It costs only $20/month for the first student and $15 for each student after. You can even make your account dormant for the time you may not be using it. Overall – just an extra tool- or a main tool that makes learning fun!