My daughter is having too much fun to realize that she is learning

My daughter just started a subscription to time4learning and so far she loves it. We have been homeschooling for a few years and we began to supplement her education with this online component.

My child tends to have a short attention span and gets bored easily. She does not enjoy traditional ways of teaching, but thoroughly love the graphics and music of the website and will sit through her phonics and science lessons while smiling.

I do not feel comfortable using a completely computer-based learning approach, but I do see the benefits of using it as an adjunct. I believe that learning best occurs through doing, but there are days when that is not possible. There are busy days, sick days, hectic days…Time4learning is great for such days.

It includes curriculum for language arts, math, science and social studies. It is reassuring to know that lessons are correlated to state standards in all 50 states. My daughter is having too much fun to realize that she is learning, and I can feel assured that we are doing what we’re supposed to, in terms of educational goals. I can print off progress reports and see what she is learning and her progress at any point. It has been a positive experience for both my daughter and I thus far.