Successfully merges education with technology

This is a review for an online educational program that we have been using for a little over four months. That said – it is the only formal program we use. The rest of our learning comes from an assortment of other means. For example; we read historical fiction, watch nature videos, and look at things through a microscope. However, Time4Learning is the cornerstone of our daily learning.

I like Time4Learning’s Language Arts and Math curriculum because it appeals to the boys while teaching a solid foundation.  It also follows a logical plan and is easily supplemented when necessary. Plus I can have them both online at the same time and simply answer their occasional questions as they arise.  Time4Learning also offers Science, History and supplemental materials.  While the boys are progressing through the Language Arts and Math curriculum as it stands, our History and Science lessons are more eclectic. I comb through Time4Learning’s lessons for topics which work with what I am teaching and we usually start online with that because it is a fun way to begin and then go deeper with supplemental material.

The reason my kids like Time4Learning is that it’s taught in an entertaining way, using likable cartoon characters with topics interesting to kids. For example; they might read a funny email message and figure out which words are homophones. They hear applause when they get correct answers or a cartoon Dachshund Hound fills up with color and there are silly sounds that appeal to kids. I am impressed that the amount of reading corresponds pretty closely with what my boys can handle at their ages. So while it is challenging – it is not overwhelming.  There is a timer in the corner of the screen that parents set and I have it set for an hour per lesson.  Knowing that they only have to finish the section they are on when the time runs out makes it much easier for the boys to hop on the computer and get their work done.

I was a middle school tutor for a year and parents still ask me to recommend supplemental teaching aids, tutoring programs and advice on helping their student understand material. I have been recommending Time4Learning for several reasons.  I believe that the old “textbook to workbook” method is not effective.  While students memorize the answers long enough to pass the test they do not really learn anything. Today’s kids are exposed to an onslaught of fast paced information through television, computers, cell phones, game boxes and a host of other electronics. In some ways this is not a bad thing – it is the world they will navigate through. Time4Learning is the only program I have found which successfully merges education with technology in a way that not only teaches, but is interesting enough to hold the attention of today’s kids.  And finally the cost is minimal and having it online makes it convenient for any schedule.

If your child or a child you know is struggling or you simply want a good solid program – it is well worth giving Time4Learning a chance. And if you email me with questions I will be happy to respond.