Surprised with the level of information

We (and as in we I mean, my 4 kids and I) had the great opportunity to review the Time4Learning website for 1 month. We all had a lot of fun with this site.  It had much to offer our whole family.

Child 1 (age 12)

Enjoyed the site and the basic theory behind the website. She loved all the educational information. She did find the off site games that were given for recess a little to “babyish” . So, they were not very rewarding for her. Her favorite part was helping her brothers on the site.

Child 2 (age11)

I must tell you she LOVED LOVED everything about it. She is my computer lover and she was thrilled to know that she could have extra computer time to try this out. The Math section was her favorite.

Child 3 (age 7)

Science was a real winner in his books.  He also loves Beyond the Back Pack. He took every chance he was allowed to “do computer school”.

Child 4 (age 5)

This little one had a ball just click and learning at the same time. He loved to work hard so he could go to “recess”.

If you could not tell, these were random quotes from my kids about the program.

I was very happy with Time4Learning.  Saying this is a lot for me.  I am not a fan of computer based programs for education and use them very sparingly in our home.  That being said, I was surprised with the level of information that was contained on this site. I enjoyed watching my kids have fun learning. My boys improved their Math and Reading skills during this month. They begged for more time each day to learn more.  I loved the fact that I could print out worksheets to follow up with what they had just covered. They thought Mom was really “cool” because I could do this. My girls had fun with learning at a pace that was not schedule out each day. The Science section contained much information on topics that we have not covered yet.  It was a great introduction for them.

The website as a whole was easy to navigate and use. The only issue I have is  with the pricing.  At $14.95 per child per month it is a bit pricey.  Just for my family of 4 kids it would cost $717.60 per year. At that price it just would not work for us.