It’s my little slice of homeschooling heaven!

I do know some supermoms in the homeschooling world…and I’m not one of them.  I was admittedly nervous; this is honestly our first year of regular, day-to-day homeschooling since Ryan is in the first grade.  My boys love the computer, so I started researching online home school curriculum, but most programs ran into the thousands for tuition.  Until I stumbled across this gem!  It’s Time4Learning.

Ryan is in 1st grade, and the great thing with this program is that he has access to Kindergarten and 2nd grade lessons. He’s able to study language arts, math, science and social studies. It’s incredibly interactive; right up his alley!  As the parent, I can log in and track what work has been completed, what grade he received, and what is next in line for him to tackle; they keep a very detailed portfolio for your child.

The beauty of it for me, at this time in my life, is that I don’t have to stay glued to their sides while they learn.  I love to watch and to help them; the lessons are fantastic.  With a newborn biding for my time, though, it’s not a reality that I’m able to stick with them through everything.  The lessons are very geared to their particular ages so they usually get on and take right off without my assistance.  {not supermom, remember?}  It helps us all stay sane.  I don’t have a ton of material to purchase, I don’t have to teach from the book, and they get to learn in the avenue that excites them and suits them the best.   It keeps their attention well; I don’t have to try to get them to focus and get back on track, because they truly love it.  I’m thrilled!  (Aside from this program, we’ll definitely do handwriting, read together, meet with our homeschooling group, etc).

The best part for us?  The price!  It’s 20 dollars for the first child, and 15 for additional children.  While $35 isn’t much, it was still a bit of a sacrifice for us, so we had to rearrange our budget to fit it in.  Is it worth it for this busy momma?  Absolutely.

My official take on the program?  If you haven’t guessed; it’s extraordinary core curriculum.  And it’s keeping me from becoming overwhelmed in the homeschooling realm at this point in my life.  We couldn’t be happier!