It is very inspiring to me to see my son actively involved in his education

All children equate love by the time you spend with them doing things together, most especially things that they enjoy.

My son Joshua has Aspergers syndrome, which causes him difficulties in social settings and in some of his academic studies. He does extremely well in science, which is what he is interested in. He was struggling so much in school that I withdrew him and at first tried home schooling him using a standard selection of text books for him to use. He was very resistant to this method, and it became a great struggle for both of us to attempt to get him to learn this way as with his acute visual and audio learning styles the books did not capture his attention.

Then about one year ago, after much searching online I found an online educational program called Time4Learning. We tried it, and it was an instant fit! We were both so excited! This program is very visually interactive, and makes learning fun for my son in away that books never did due to his learning challenges. In addition when I spend time with him as he does his school work we are able to interact as we discuss his lessons each day in a productive manner.

Another very appealing feature for us about Time4Leaning’s program is that you can vary the grade level for each subject as needed for your child. This is very helpful for my son with his learning challenges, as he is at different grade levels from one subject to another. He excels in science, and does well social studies due to the geography, which he likes. He struggles in math especially along with Language arts. I am able to put him right where he needs to be in each subject. We really like that!

It is very inspiring to me to see my son actively involved in his education, and actually enjoying it as well. None of us like to see our children struggle, we all long for them to do well and succeed. For my son, Time 4Learning is helping with this. He still struggles with math and language, but he is making progress. and that for me is what makes the difference. To see him progress!

Each of us in our daily lives have many things that we struggle with. When we find ways to help both ourselves and our families do better it is not only a relief, it is inspiring to find other people who are dedicated to helping with some of the challenges we do face as parents, like the staff at Time4Learning have been for me and my son. whenever I have called with questions or problem, they have been very helpful to me! For this I am grateful!

Thank you Time4Learning for helping my son, with his education! The very visually interactive media used in this program is far more appealing to him then anything else we have tried. In conclusion, I feel the time I am spending with my son as we go through his schooling together is not only time well spent, it is a gift to both of us as well. For me it is wonderful to see my son making progress!