I don’t have to come up with lesson plans!!

This will be my fourth year homeschooling Jaden.  He just entered the third grade.

Man…how can I have a third grader?  I *swear* I was just changing his diaper. {sigh}

This year we are trying something different, as far as curriculum.  Normally, I piece together his curriculum & come up with his daily lesson plans.

But with my two lil ones who have been demanding my attention more, it is a LOT harder to have to come up with these lessons!  I needed HELP!

Jaden is a visual learner.  He is tech-savvy like his parents.  I really wanted to find an online curriculum that would be fun, great, educational and inexpensive.  I am a SAHM (obviously) and can’t afford a super expensive curriculum.  I want the BEST for Jaden…but refuse to go broke & in debt for it!  Anyway, I looked at a few different options, but really didn’t find what I was looking for.

Then Super Daddy swooped in & saved the day.  I don’t know how he found it so quickly, he spent like 5 min searching, where I had spend hours upon hours searching.  Joe found our new online cirruculum….

Why did we choose T4L?

  • With Jaden having special needs (high functioning autism), he doesn’t learn on a traditional schedule. Like I said before, he is very visual, as with most boys/kids.  He learns best by games & videos.  Every lesson is interactive!
  • I don’t have to come up with lesson plans!!  Hallelujah!!  Every day, Jaden logs onto T4L and it tells him what his assignment is that day!
  • He still has worksheets that he has to do, he prints them out himself (they prompt him), completes them & then adds them to his school binder.
  • * It is only $20 a months!  And if you have multiple kids, then it is an additional $15/per child!
  • * T4L keeps tab of all the records for you!  You have access to attendance, the progress of each assignment & grades!  They grade all the quizzes for you, people!!  How cool is that!!!
  • They have a great parent forum.  I have never posted in that forum yet, but if I have a question, I search for it in the forum and always find my answer!
  • Jaden is in the 3rd grade, but has access to the grade below & ahead of him.  This is great for kids who need to go back to catch up on concepts they are having trouble with or for kids who are excelling in schooling!
  • Jaden is having fun!  He loves “Ed Mouse” and all the characters on T4L!  And as a mom…I LOVE it that he is loving school!  School shouldn’t be boring or a chore!

If you are homeschooling or thinking about it, I totally recommend checking out Time4Learning!!