Humorous characters and engaging dialogue are a welcome change

At the start of the summer I was desperately searching for a website that would help my struggling, special needs (ADHD and Autism Spectrum) 12-yr old son strengthen his math skills over the summer. I searched the web and found quite a few; Time4Learning being one of them. After reviewing their demos and speaking with one of their representatives about the program I decided to get my son’s opinion. He immediately seemed excited about the format of the lessons. He was already less than willingly practicing math on a different online website and was anxious to move to Time4Learning.

The humorous characters and engaging dialogue are a welcome change from the sometimes mundane and uninspired online learning websites. The opportunity to work on skills a grade level above and below my son’s recently completed grade level was very helpful. It has allowed me to identify gaps in his learning and fill in with problems that helped to bring him up to speed. The curriculum, which isn’t only limited to math, is perfectly aligned with what he has been learning in his private school. The program is geared to allow parents to preview the lessons prior to having the students begin work. This is a feature that I value very much, I just wish Time4Learning had made the process less cumbersome. When you preview a lesson you go through them just as your son would, but you MUST remember to back out of the lesson using a back arrow button on the actual graphic. If you don’t remember to do this, the lesson will be scored. Of course, that can be remedied by having your student retake the lesson and get his/her own score. The only other wish for this website would be a way to fast forward through the lessons when previewing. Neither of these concerns will keep me from continuing to subscribe to Time4Learning. It has been a valuable resource as it is convenient, affordable and effective.