Homeschooling Success

I have been homeschooling my children for years. We live in a small community and the public school does not offer up to date learning materials. My daughter’s found themselves extremely bored academically. They were not excited to go to school because they were tired of being bored. I just felt they were not learning what they should at this point in their schooling.

I was introduced toTime4Learning by my sister who had been using the program to educate her two boys. One of her boys was having quite a hard time learning to read. They were also being bullied in public school. The public school they had to attend was full of rough kids who liked to pick on the nice kids. Her boys dreaded going to school. She started homeschooling with Time4Learning and within a couple months, the boys were excited to learn, they were both reading better and were all around happier children.

I decided to give it a try for my 1st grader. She can actually do most of the assignments on her own which I really love because I can work on my computer right beside her and if she needs me, I am right there. She has shown great progress in her reading skills. Every day she talks about something new she learned in school. She loves it. Her favorite subject is the science. All of the assignments are beautifully put together and easy to understand. The little characters they use to explain assignments and problems are very cute and the assignments seem to be really enjoyable to her.

I love the positive reinforcement children get after they have finished an assignment correctly. Also, when they make a mistake they really reinforce a job well done when they get the problem correct. My child is happy to learn again and she is definitely not bored. Time4Learning is also one of the most reasonably priced homeschooling program on the internet. I spent quite a lot of time looking for schools online, and this program is definitely reasonably priced. You get so much for such a small price. I am very happy with the program.