Great for kinesthetic learners

We pulled my son out of public school because he was terribly bored. After several weeks of doing a ton of lesson prep myself I finally decided to try and fork out the money for Time4Learning. At $25/month, it took a big chunk out of my homeschooling budget, but it was/is well worth it.

My son naturally likes computers, is a kinesthetic learner and is gifted. The gifted part is important because, for him, like for many gifted children, if his brain is moving, so is his body. You can imagine how well this went over in public school. He took right to the lessons. They are short, imaginative and captivating. I can put headphones on him to help block out the other distractions and he goes to town. The program lets him progress at his own rate, and can jump around a bit if he wants to say, focus on fractions. It also uses visual and auditory means to communicate the information. This helps for comprehension and retention. The only downside is that for some of the problems that really require a pencil and paper, the “instructor”/narrator does not tell them to do so. I found him one day struggling with double digit addition problems with regrouping—trying to do it in his head.

If you have a gifted child, this is a perfect program for them to really demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamentals. If your child has ADD/ADHD, you might want to preview it first, and let your child use headphones to make sure the activity on the screen captures their attention instead of distracting them.