Great for afterschool and summer enrichment

I was looking for an online web site for my kids for enrichment and after school. It is hard to get them to study during summer vacation, after school and during holidays. I was looking for an easy and fun way to learn where they are not bored while learning. I was tired of getting my kids to finish their printed worksheets. I had to spend 20-30 min for them to finish 5 min of work.

This is a great online site for summer vacations, holidays, after school enrichment. Needless to say it is online, can be done from any where. My son is very sharp and a big lover of video/computer games. It was very hard for me to make him sit and write or finish some printed work sheets. I need to keep him occupied during summer vacation and also want them not to forget what they learned during the school year. After doing some research on the Google, I found the time4learning learning. I read the reviews and also took a look at the demos. I even made my kids take a look at the demos.

I tried the program for one month. I was able to get my son to the lessons and quizzes in this site. I made some rules like after some lessons and quizzes they get to go to the playground. And also I get parent reports about what they did and I told them about the parent reports. Both my kids enjoyed time4learning. They enjoyed the lessons as well as the play ground. My son wanted to do for long time. I was able to get them do the vocabulary with the easier lessons. Math and science lessons are also interesting. If they get bored with one they can switch and do other lessons. One month went by so quickly.

I reviewed many online programs and used some in the past with printable work sheets. I would say it is definitely worth for the money you spend $20 for month for all subjects and also the kind of lessons covered. If you are a busy parent and looking for an after school or enrichment program for your kids, you will find it very useful. And also the interactive programs and lessons gets the attention of kids and helps the young kids as well as old kids to learn in a fun way. It is only one month that my kids tried, but I am definitely going to try for my kids.