Excellent math & language arts curriculum

We really like this program. My sons (8 and 10) have been using Time 4 Learning (T4L) as part of our curriculum for several months. T4L is an online program that works really well with younger students and visual learners. Even auditory learners, like my older son, love this program. T4L holds students’ attention by using colorful entertaining characters with humorous voices and situations kids can identify with.

I have three children who grew up before electronics became a prevalent part of childhood. My older kids are now independent professionals so I believed I understood the challenges of raising children. However, today’s kids are exposed to an onslaught of fast paced information through television, computers, cell phones, game boxes and a host of other electronics. In some ways this is not a bad thing – but my gut instinct and my own research has led me to find ways to limit this onslaught. We no longer have television, hand held games or game boxes, computer use is monitored, and our sons are not allowed inside friends’ homes who have unrestricted access to electronics.

Children today face a world of rapidly changing technology, and I want my mine to have the ability to navigate through this world with confidence. Instead of allowing passive interaction with video games and media, my sons now use technology in creative ways; for learning, problem solving, research and connections, which is why we chose T4L.

Time 4 Learning’s online program has an excellent Math and Language Arts curriculum and we’ve used the science and history lessons when they coincide with our other lessons. My sons are doing great work and no longer hate learning. When parents ask me to recommend a tutor for their child, I now refer them to Time 4 Learning. For about $20 per month a student can work through topics they are struggling with ~ at their convenience ~ for as many hours as necessary. Parents can easily check progress or find supplemental lessons that not only teach but also feel like fun. This program is worth trying whether you want a full curriculum or simply need a little help.

Any other helpful hints:
While this is a complete curriculum we have found that the science and history units are not as thorough as we like and use them as supplemental. In addition, my sons needed a lot of drilling practice to learn the multiplication tables so we took a week off and focused on that. They are now back to T4L math.