Easy to use

I had Zack use the Language Arts and Math portions every school day as part of his educational program. The T4L activities were a supplement for the other work that he was doing each day and were not his complete program. However, let me start off by saying, that you really could use T4L are your complete homeschool curriculum, with the exception of Bible, as this is a secular program and there is no religious training incorporated. In addition to the LA and Math activities that Zack did daily, there are also Science, Social Studies, Writing and Reading activities included that we didn’t even use since we already have curriculum in those areas and we were using this as a supplement to our program.

Some things that I really liked about T4L:

  • Great customer service. They were quick to set up our account and answer emails.
  • Easy to use. If you are handy with the computer, you will have no problem with this program.
  • Since this is an internet-based program, your child can log in from any computer with a Flash player (so I read online that it excludes the IPad). I am planning on having Zack use this while he stays with grandma during our cruise in May. He can easily log in from grandma’s house and do some school work each day.
  • Separate parent login area where you can track the student’s activities, time spent, and scores. If you are in a state that require documentation, you can print out reports with all of that information for your records.
  • Comprehensive program. Lots of different activities for each subject. For 6th grade, there were 127 LA activities available. For Math, there were 272.
  • There are supplemental worksheets that you can print off to use for many activities.
  • You can choose your student’s grade level and adjust it up or down for each area as needed. When you sign up at a particular grade level, you have access to the grade above and below for each subject area. If you need further adjustments, customer service is happy to help you. This was great for a struggling learner, like Zack.
  • Colorful, entertaining and interactive activities kept Zack’s attention and made learning fun.
  • Lots of support available through FAQs on website, weekly emails and parent forums. From what I saw on the parent forums, there are even local groups listed by state that you can join.

Things that I didn’t like (and there really weren’t many):

  • This is a secular program so there are things, particularly in the science area, that I do not agree with. But by working with your child or pre-screening lessons, you can avoid any troubled areas that you don’t like/agree with.
  • When using as a supplemental program, it would be nice to have the ability to only show those activities that I wanted Zack to work on. Since he had access to all activities, he chose to start at the easiest levels and work progressively through the sequence (as it is set up on the site) instead of finding activities that corresponded to what we were doing in his “regular” math book. This could easily be avoided by more hands-on intervention from me but I was just happy to see him working and having fun learning and reinforcing skills.
  • For a complete curriculum, I think the program is very reasonably priced. For a supplemental program, it’s a little more than I care to spend. I think I’m going to examine incorporating it into more of our program for next year to make the cost more reasonable. If we were utilizing more of the activities and using it for more of our curriculum and not just as a supplement, I think it would be worth it.

I asked Zack what he thought about the program and he said that he liked it and would like to keep using it. He said that he liked how it explained everything and “takes it slow” so that he can understand. He also thought the playground was fun and had lots of games. When I asked him to rate it on a scale of 10, he gave it a 6. I think that rating is pretty good for something school rated. I wouldn’t expect Zack to rate anything much more than that!