Bright, colorful and easy to navigate

I have a 7 then now 8 year old son. Who loves math. He has always been right at his level or above. We just had a baby and we needed something to do keep schooling going that would not need so much time from me.

I love this program because it is so easy to use. My son can sign in on his own and go right to work. The directions are easy to follow. The graphics are very kid friendly. There are quizzes and test that they take that you can check his work. If he does not score high enough on a quiz or test then he can do that section again. Until it clicks and he make a high enough score. Some sections even have print outs. My son is really doing great w/ this program. We use this as a supplement and it has been wonderful.

If you want a curriculum that is bright, colorful and easy to navigate. is the way to go. Time4Learning has a great way to keep track w/ the portfolio section that can be printed out for your portfolio that you might have to keep for homeschool records.