All of the children have been asking me if they can please do school!

We have been reviewing for our school this past month. My sister had shared with me how much their family loved doing it and I could hardly wait to try it out. So I started Hudson, Rebekah, Bradford and Robert on it in early July. They absolutely love it too! It is so much fun to watch! All of the children have been asking me if they can please do school! In the middle of the summer and on weekends, I think that says a lot!

I love the fact that it is so much easier for me too. They keep all the records online that can be printed and there are no books to keep up with or keep the toddler from drawing in. We can print off worksheets and test as needed. I felt like we wasted a lot of time in some areas with our former school, by trying to organize all the DVD’s, books, and get everyone going each day, it got old fast. All that was after the hours and hours we spent recording and burning the school supposedly to make school easier.
Time4learning is just what I need, we can get started right away each day! I don’t feel like the lessons are nearly as bogged down as our former school. It goes right to the concepts without wasting time and the children so enjoy the lessons. They are fun! We have gained so much more time in our day to do other fun and enjoyable things together as well. Their prices are great too! I’m very pleased and can hardly wait to continue using this wonderful way to do school! YAY for Time 4 Learning! We love you!