All in all, we’re loving Time4Learning. It has made schooling so much easier!

Just over a month ago, I signed up for a free month of Time4Learning in exchange for a review of it. I had been using the same curriculum for 4 years and was searching for something new. Last year, my special needs son was added into the homeschool mix and what I had been doing just wasn’t working out for us. A friend had told me about Time4Learning and when I discovered we could try it for free, I decided we should go for it. Right away it helped us get into a routine. I can get Logan set up with it and help him as needed. This allows me to be more hands on with Lucas, which is what he needs. Logan is doing really well and is enjoying the curriculum. Lucas is moving right along with his and enjoys all the games that are incorporated in.

I love that I am able to set up a weekly plan for Logan and print it out. I put an asterisk next to what I want him to get done each day. I can log in on the parent page to check his progress or look on his log in under his portfolio.

A few days ago, our free trial was up and without hesitation, I signed us up for more! We have just finished up week 5 of school and it is going great! One of the other things I love is that you have access to the grade above and below what your child is in. Logan has always struggled in math, so we are able to work on 3rd grade level math while still doing 4th grade in everything else. Just in the few weeks we’ve been doing it, I’ve noticed a big improvement in his math skills. I’m hoping we can work through 3rd grade and move on to the 4th grade math.

They offer two levels of Pre-K, too. Lucas is almost done with the second level and then we will move on to the Kindergarten curriculum. Technically, Lucas is in 1st grade, but we are doing things at his pace.

All in all, we’re loving Time4Learning. It has made schooling so much easier!!