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Survey Reveals Majority of New Homeschooling Families Will Not Return to Brick-and-Mortar Schools This Fall

Originally published by PRNewsWire.

A recent national study measuring families’ intentions for the 2021-2022 school year reported that 72.2 percent of families who homeschooled during COVID-19 plan to continue homeschooling this fall.

The study, commissioned by national online curriculum provider Time4Learning®, a Cambium Learning® Group company, surveyed families who elected to homeschool their children since January 2020. More than 2,100 parents responded to questions ranging from preferred academic platform to the motivating factors for their decision.

Only 19 percent reported an intent to return to brick-and-mortar schools. Nine percent of respondents said they were still undecided about the fall term, citing concerns over the uncertain pandemic forecasts and new strains. Read the full summary of findings here.

While our nation slowly reemerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many families still anxious about its implications for their children and the response of school districts to new variants,” said Time4Learning Founder and President John Edelson. “Parents who sought out the school choice option as a temporary fix now realize homeschooling may be a long-term solution for their families.”

National statistics reflect this persisting interest in alternative academic options. Last fall, the number of homeschooling families increased to more than 11 percent, up from five percent the prior year.

Santa Rosa, California resident Clint St. Martin, a survey respondent, says his family will continue homeschooling this fall. In May 2021, he enrolled his 10-year-old daughter in Time4Learning to ensure she remained grade-level proficient.

After a poorly executed public school year, we have decided not to send her to public school in the fall,” he said. “Homeschooling has reignited my daughter’s interest in education. Why would we leave?”

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