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FAQs about Military Homeschooling

FAQs about Military Homeschooling
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As the popularity of homeschool increases with military families, wouldn’t it be great if you could gather a bunch of those veteran homeschoolers together and ask them your most burning questions? Even if you can’t do that, Time4Learning has gleaned information from many military homeschooling parents to create a Frequently Asked Questions page. We hope it will help alleviate some of your top concerns about getting started or managing homeschool during PCS season and beyond.

How do you manage homeschooling during deployment?

Every family is different on how they prefer to handle homeschooling through deployment. Some may push heavy on academics while a deployed parent is away. Others may find it necessary to ease into a routine slowly–especially while each member of the family is trying to adjust to the emotions of loss and change of situation. There is no right or wrong answer. Choose what you feel is best for your family! The important thing to remember is that homeschooling offers you the flexibility to adjust your schedule so that when your deployed partner returns home, you can all put your focus back on family togetherness.

What homeschool laws do I have to follow?

If you are stationed in the U.S., the regulations for homeschooling depend on which state you live in. It can be challenging, but with each move, you’ll want to research and follow the state homeschool laws of your new home base. Outside of the U.S. it is important to research the individual homeschool laws of other nations where you will be posted. A host nation, state, commonwealth, territory, or possession where a DoD sponsor is stationed can impose legal requirements on home-schooling practices.

How do you avoid isolation as a military homeschool family?

Whether you are homeschooling in the U.S. or OCONUS, there are numerous opportunities available for support and social interaction for kids and parents. Even if your base has few homeschoolers, you can find socialization opportunities through a local library, a regional homeschool group, church activities, athletics organizations, fine arts programs, and military training programs. if you don’t find a club or program which meets your child’s particular interest, consider starting one and ‘advertising’ it within your local homeschool community or family center on base. Someone always has to be first and you are likely to find others in the same boat!

What if we are only homeschooling short-term? How can I know my child will be prepared to enter the school system after we complete our deployment?

If reintegration into the public school system is something you want to plan for, then it will be important to maintain academic progress to ease that transition. One way to do this is to explore the DoDea Educational Standards. By implementing Time4Learning as your core homeschool curriculum, you can generate reports of exactly what your child is learning in case your future school has queries about curriculum standards.

Can homeschoolers join JROTC?

JROTC programs exist in all 50 states and DOD schools overseas. The National Defense Authorization Act passed in 2020 requires that host schools allow homeschooled students to participate in JROTC.

Are There ROTC Scholarships Available for Homeschoolers?

Homeschoolers are definitely eligible to compete for available ROTC scholarships. High school graduates of at least 17 years old who meet the requirements such as having a G.P.A. of at least 2.5, a minimum score of 1,000 on the SAT and/or 19 on the ACT, and who meet physical standards, can apply. Accepting an ROTC scholarship means committing to four years of active military service following college graduation.

What educational services are available to military homeschooling families?

The DoDEA Administrative Instruction on home-school students extends auxiliary and special education services to eligible students. According to this document, “auxiliary services include access to academic resources, access to the school information center (i.e., library), after-hours use of school facilities, and participation in music, sports, and other extra-curricular activities and interscholastic activities. These services may be subject to appropriate supervision and availability.  Proof of eligibility must be provided and will be maintained at the school where the eligible dependent home-school student is using or receiving auxiliary services, taking one (1) or more DoDEA courses, or accessing special education or related services.”

Can homeschoolers join the military?

In order to join a branch of the military, a homeschool graduate must have a comprehensive and detailed transcript that meets the educational and legal requirements set forth by the state in which the graduate lives.  Additionally, the student must take the Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and receive a score of 50 or above. Because recruits into the military are classified into “Tiers,” it is preferable to have a homeschool diploma (Tier 1) rather than a GED (Tier 2), if possible.

Still have questions that haven’t been answered here? Visit the Military Homeschoolers page on Facebook for support, advice, and links to great resources.

What Is The “U.S. Army’s Future Soldiers Program” and How Can My Homeschooler Join?

Those who join the Future Soldiers Program in the Army are usually interested in a future career in the U.S. Army but not yet ready to commit. Instead of immediately entering basic training, soldiers in this program will train on Army customs and courtesies and complete pre-basic training tasks. Any high schooler (including homeschoolers) with a year or less until their graduation is eligible for the program as long as they take the ASVAB test and pass any medical screenings.

What Does Online Homeschooling in the Military Look Like?

Although homeschooling looks different for every family, one thing that they all have in common is the freedom and flexibility to learn their way. Read one military family’s story and how Time4Learning has had a positive impact on their lives.

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