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Math Problems for Kids

Math Problems for Kids
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Many kids feel that they “can’t do math” and shy away from practicing math problems. For kids with weak basic math skills, the subject is difficult and confusing. Many parents receive feedback from their kids that math problems are boring, not important or worse, not cool. Many kids develop what’s referred to as math anxiety, a condition in which people start to believe that they lack math competence resulting in the self-fulfillment of this belief since they panic when faced with math problems and cannot think clearly.

Kids need to approach math problems in a safe, supportive environment. Time4Learning provides math activities and interactive math games to help kids develop a solid math foundation. Kids who feel they are “bad at math” will have more difficulty practicing math problems. These kids need time and space to practice math problems, in a way that reinforces and supports their learning efforts.

When a kid develops a solid math foundation, you’ll be amazed at how the stress, caused by poor math skills, disappears. Time4Learning offers math activities and interactive math games for kids, preschool to high school. Help your kid develop a solid math foundation.

Time4Learning provides a safe, supportive environment for kids to practice math using educational activities and interactive math games. Help your kids build confidence and proficiency in math by signing up for Time4Learning. In time, they will come to realize that they really are “good at math.”

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Home School Math and Develop a Solid Math Foundation

To learn something in a profound way, it must be experienced and practiced and students must be motivated. Building a strong math foundation is hard work, but can be achieved through discussing math concepts and practice, practice, practice. As with literacy, math must become part of a kid’s daily routine. Every day math problems for kids can be taken from daily life and should be highlighted. Parents should not only provide great learning tools like Time4Learning, but they should also be sure to play interactive math games. For example, you can while playing Monopoly or Blackjack, subtly demonstrate the usage of math techniques.

Consider the process of learning to read. Kids begin the reading process by handling books, turning the pages and knowing that text on signs and labels and everywhere is important to read. Most youngsters are eager to practice for themselves and will try themselves to sound out words and read for comprehension. Most importantly, children see parents reading and constantly confronted by the uses of reading. Kids benefit enormously from this kind of motivation.

The same process is applicable to building a math foundation. Like reading, kids must experience and practice math concepts. There are opportunities to use home school math skills through-out the day such as measuring (checking if furniture will fit), cooking (recipes), shopping (checking prices, comparing values, considering the total cost of a few items), and navigating ie map reading) By practicing math problems both in formal and informal settings (interactive math games or home school math), parents can help reinforce the kid’s math skills and avoid math problems for kids.

Interactive Math Games

Time4Learning uses interactive math games as a key element to reinforce preschool, kindergarten and elementary math curriculums. We also offer Time4MathFacts which utilizes fun games to engage your younger child in learning math fundamentals. These educational games allow kids to practice math problems at home in an interactive environment that makes math fun, not tedious work. We have fun activities, puzzles, learning games, mazes and action games for teaching:

  • Math Basics (Features, Sets and Following Directions)
  • Numbers & Quantity
  • Measurement
  • Math Patterns
  • Fractions
  • Estimating
  • 2D/3D Geometry
  • Probability & Data Analysis

Young learners get to explore the world of math and develop their skills using these interactive math games. Time4Learning integrates virtual math tools such as calculators, online notebooks, glossary, rulers, clocks, protractors, base ten blocks, thermometers, and scales in the interactive math games. Home school math study becomes fun as the math problems for kids are presented in fun engaging ways. Inactive math games incorporates exploratory, hands-on activities in simulations so kids realize how math works in their every day lives. From basic math to algebra concepts, these interactive math games challenge and engage your kids.

Kids learn better when they’re having fun! Sign up for Time4Learning to get your kids the help they need with their math problems.

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