Homeschooling in Florida

If you have chosen to homeschool in Florida, you may need information, resources, and curriculum that will help you get started. This page aims to help guide you through the process of homeschooling in the Sunshine state. Take a few minutes to read through it, and feel free to share this page with other new homeschoolers in your state.

If you have more questions or comments about homeschooling in Florida, check out the homeschooling tools and resources or visit the online Florida support group.

To find out more about the legal requirements for homeschooling in Florida, Time4Learning recommends that you visit your state’s Department of Education website. Each state in the U.S. has different requirements for homeschooling families, and these requirements can frequently change, so we suggest doing thorough research to make sure that you are complying with your individual state regulations. You can also visit one of these sites:

Legal disclaimer: This page provides suggestions and information on how to meet the mandatory school attendance laws in Florida. It is not intended and should not be used as definitive legal advice. In most states, parents find a variety of legal methods to pursue the educational approach that they prefer for their child.

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How Time4Learning Helps Homeschool in Florida

Homeschooling parents have often stated that Time4Learning reduces much of their workload so they can spend more time on the fun aspects of homeschooling. Many parents simply give their children their assignments and they can complete most of them independently. However, if the students happen to be younger, parents like to be there for backup and to assist them if they get stuck.

One very favorite aspect of Time4Learning is that it’s interactive. This means students’ minds are more engaged in what they are learning. Learning this way is easier and more natural, and much more enjoyable for them. In addition to Time4Learning, several homeschoolers assign activities that correlate to whatever they are learning. Many moms find these activities all over the Internet at places like,, Some homeschooling parents even rent videos from Netflix related to the topics they are currently studying.

My children’s favorite part of the day is their time on Time4Learning. This is the easiest and most consistently productive curriculum we’ve used!

My kids can work independently or with my involvement. Time4Learning has enriched their education and simplified my life!

A Typical Homeschool Day in Florida

While homeschooling styles and “typical days” vastly vary, here is an example of how one family’s schedule might work in a day. Your children may spend approximately four to six hours a day in structured learning activities.

  • 7-8 – You and your kids are up. First things first: chores before breakfast.
  • 8-9 – Kids read or play on their computers while you and your spouse have your morning meeting to discuss what you are going to do that day.
  • 9-11 – You may need to do some work, so your spouse takes one of the kids to a nearby park for a three mile walk and tennis. The other two kids start on their independent schoolwork (thanks to Time4Learning!)
  • 11 – Make lunch and start dinner or at least start thinking about what you’re going to have for dinner. After everyone eats lunch together, the kids do the dishes as necessary..
  • 12-1 – You may work some more while your spouse teaches an investing class to the children.
  • 1-2 – Your spouse also starts working, and the kids finish up their independent schoolwork.
  • 2-4 – While your spouse is still working, you sit down with the children and go over anything with which they had problems. Snack time might be around 3 p.m. This is also when you may decide to go to the store if necessary.
  • 4-6 – Evening chores, finishing of any uncompleted schoolwork, and dinner.
  • 7-9 – You might watch TV with the kids if a new episode of one of your favorite shows is on or you’ll watch a movie. A Netflix movie that correlates with something someone is learning is usually a top-pick.
  • 9-bed – You might do a little more pick-up, plan for the next day, or relax.

Of course, there may be other activties during the day, such as field trips.

Five Different Options for Home Education in FL

  1. A public school supported by public funds; or
  2. A parochial, religious, or denominational school; or
  3. A private school supported in whole or in part by tuition charges or by endowments or gifts; or
  4. A home education program; or
  5. A private tutoring program

It is very easy to begin home education for your child in Florida.

First, you need to send the district school superintendent of the county where you live a letter of intent within 30 days of beginning homeschooling. According to Florida Statute 1002.41, once you begin homeschooling, you need to maintain a portfolio of records and materials to be kept for two years consisting of:

  1. A log of educational activities that is made contemporaneously with the instruction and that designates by title any reading materials used.
  2. Samples of any writings, worksheets, workbooks or creative materials used or developed by the student.

This is one of the great things about Time4Learning. Time4Learning records all of your child’s online activities for you. All you need to do is print what they’ve done on a regular basis, every week or so, and store it in a folder or binder. You can also print out some of their tests or quizzes and save a few of their worksheets as examples of their work.

The next step is to choose how you will have your child’s progress evaluated each year. Florida gives you five options for evaluation:

  1. You may choose to have a Florida certified teacher evaluate your child’s educational progress upon review of the portfolio and discussion with your child. Thereafter, have the teacher write an evaluation letter.
  2. You may have you child take any nationally normed student achievement test administered by a certified teacher.
  3. You can have your child take a state student assessment test.
  4. You can have your child evaluated by a psychologist.
  5. You may choose any other way to evaluate your child that is mutually agreed upon by the district school superintendent of the district where you live.

Florida homeschoolers are also eligible to participate in interscholastic extracurricular student activities, the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, and dual enrollment programs. In addition, Florida homeschoolers are eligible for admission to community colleges and state universities and may receive testing and evaluation services at diagnostic and resource centers.

For more information about homeschooling in Florida, you may want to read the actual statutes themselves.

Homeschooling with Time4Learning

Time4Learning’s experience shows that there is no single, best homeschool material. Rather than feeling torn between homeschool resources, parents should select a diverse blend of materials and activities.

For families with more than one child, choosing a homeschool curriculum can even be more problematic. What works for one child, may not work for another. What works for one subject may not work on the next. What works one year, may fall flat the very next year.

Some of the features that make Time4Learning so successful include:

  • Time4Learning appeals to a wide range of learning styles. Our online learning materials are especially well-suited to children who are visual or kinesthetic learners. These children can take advantage of Time4Learning’s interactive, multimedia materials.
  • Children like using the computer to learn. It’s a convenient, interactive homeschool resource that provides a welcome change each day to paper-and-pencil workbooks and textbook-based lessons.
  • Parents like that it tracks progress and helps children advance by clearly presenting and reinforcing each lesson. Quizzes and tests are graded by the computer, saving valuable time and effort for parents who would be happier concentrating on other areas.
  • Time4Learning’s self-paced, modularized lesson plans allow you to move forward and back through the materials whenever you want. You can skip lessons that teach concepts your child has already mastered and repeat those he or she has not. The choice is yours. With Time4Learning, you are always in control.

Time4Learning is proven effective with homeschoolers, has a low monthly price, is easy-to-use, and provides a money-back guarantee so you can make sure that it works for your children!

Sign up for Time4Learning as part of your overall homeschool curriculum.

If you have more questions about homeschooling in Florida, or want to discuss your experience homeschooling in the state, head over to the Florida Parent Forum.

I LOVE Time4Learning! It holds the attention of my kids, plus I can keep track of their learning without hovering over their shoulders.

I am really pleased with Time4Learning. It has made a world of difference in my son’s academic performance in school!

Some Helpful Tools and Resources

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Online Parent’s ForumReach out to homeschoolers in your area, join discussions, ask questions and trade ideas on our online community of homeschooling parents. Having the support of seasoned homeschoolers can really help make your homeschooling journey a success.

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Puffin Academy App Learn how to use Time4Learning on most mobile devices with the Puffin Academy app for iOS and Android! Get details on this kid-friendly app, including how to download and use it on the go with Time4Learning.

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