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How Homeschoolers Can Use Social Media Hashtags

How Homeschoolers Can Use Social Media Hashtags
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If you’ve spent any time on the homeschool social Web, you’ve probably noticed that homeschoolers are using social networks, tools, and communities in innovative ways. One particular area of the social Web that has yet to take off with homeschoolers is one that can be of great help when researching, learning and networking: understanding how to take full advantage of social media hashtags.

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How Hashtags Work

There are innumerable websites related to homeschooling on the Web, but sometimes parents don’t have the time to go searching through them all for the information they want.

What is a Hashtag?

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date and personalized information on a particular topic anywhere on the Web, hashtags are your best bet. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest are busy every minute of every day with people having conversations about things that homeschoolers are curious about. Things like #homeschooling, #curriculum, #printables, and #edtech. All you have to do is click through the hashtag of your choice.

Hashtags and Learning

Homeschoolers often spend a great deal of time on their favorite social media sites, but the truth is that the focus is often pretty limited. Unless a homeschooling friend happens to share a new homeschooling Facebook community with you, or tweets about a homeschool science curriculum you should try, you can often be completely unaware of pages, groups, and people that would greatly benefit your homeschooling journey. For instance did you happen to know there is a dedicated Facebook community for Roadschoolers? Or a Google+ community for military homeschoolers? If you didn’t, it’s likely because you never really thought to search for those communities on social media – – even if they apply to you!

Hashtags can change all that.

Sharing Info That will Benefit Other Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers can quickly build the homeschool superhighway by tagging at least some of their homeschool-related posts with hashtags like #roadschooling, #militaryhomeschoolers, #homeschoolbooks, and #preschool so that you can find communities, experts, and information that helps you on your day to day journey.

The truth is that for hashtags to make a difference in our lives, we have to be willing to use them ourselves — on all our social media profiles — not just Twitter! Most of the time we like keeping our Facebook status updates only accessible to our true Facebook friends. But what if you’ve discovered a homeschool tip or product that you wish you could share with the world. With Facebook’s “Public” feature and the hashtag option, you can do just that! Here’s how…

  • Create a specific status update that shares your important homeschool information.
  • Don’t forget to include the hashtag that you want to be searchable on Facebook.
  • Click on the Audience option at the bottom of the status window to change your audience from Friends → Public.
  • Then click “Post”.
  • Now, your info will be completely searchable by all homeschoolers who are looking for up-to-date opinions and conversations about your topic!

Hashtags for Social Media Admins

This is even more important for homeschool pages and communities. If you admin a specific homeschool-related group or information page on social media, then you have an even more powerful opportunity to spread homeschooling know-how by simply tagging important posts with hashtags you think other homeschoolers are seeking information about.

Hashtags for Homeschoolers

Currently there’s no single database for hashtags that homeschoolers regularly use, but a quick search of social media shows that if you’re curious about it — there’s probably already a hashtag for it! So use your favorite hashtag search engine and try some out for yourself. For example, what are…

Still not sure what other hashtags you should use or search for? Try out a few of the ones listed below in your next post or hashtag search.

Hashtag Uses
#accidentalhomeschooler homeschoolers who hadn’t planned on homeschooling, but are doing it anyway!
#charlottemason Charlotte-Mason-inspired homeschooling
#christianhomeschooling Christian homeschooling
#delightdirected delight-directed learning, or learning based on interests
#eclectichomeschooling resources and discussions for homeschoolers who use a mix and match approach
#freehomeschooling free programs, resources, tools, or curricula for homeschooling
#homeschool general homeschooling
#homeschooling general homeschooling
#homeschoolkindergarten discussions specific to homeschooling kindergarten
#homeschool1stgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 1st grade
#homeschool2ndgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 2nd grade
#homeschool3rdgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 3rd grade
#homeschool4thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 4th grade
#homeschool5thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 5th grade
#homeschool6thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 6th grade
#homeschool7thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 7th grade
#homeschool8thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 8th grade
#homeschool9thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 9th grade
#homeschool10thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 10th grade
#homeschool11thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 11th grade
#homeschool12thgrade discussions specific to homeschooling 12th grade
#homeschoolblogger indication that you are a homeschooler who blogs
#homeschoolbooks books about homeschooling or for homeschool reference
#homeschoolcurriculum specific or general curriculum discussions
#homeschoolelementary homeschooling in the elementary years
#homeschoolhelp advice and support for homeschoolers
#homeschoolgifted resources and discussions for homeschooling a gifted child
#homeschoolgiveaway giveaways by and for homeschoolers
#homeschoolhighschool homeschooling in the high school years
#homeschoolhistory homeschool history
#homeschoollanguagearts homeschool language arts
#homeschoolliterature fictional books about homeschoolers
#homeschoolmamas covering everything homeschool-mom related
#homeschoolmath homeschool math
#homeschoolmiddleschool homeschooling in the middle school years
#homeschoolnewbies info and advice for beginners
#homeschoolorganization homeschool organization
#homeschoolplanning homeschool planning resources and discussions
#homeschoolpreschool homeschooling in the preschool years
#homeschoolreviews reviews of homeschool curricula
#homeschoolscience homeschool science
#homeschoolspanish homeschool Spanish
#homeschoolspecialneeds resources and discussions for homeschooling a child with special needs
#homeschoolspelling homeschool spelling
#homeschoolvocabulary homeschool vocabulary
#homeschoolworksheets worksheets for homeschoolers
#homeschoolwriting homeschool writing and writing curriculum
#lapbooking using lapbooks as a learning tool
#legolearning using Lego® bricks to enhance learning
#literaturestudies literature-based studies for homeschool
#militaryhomeschooling resources & discussions for military homeschooling families
#notebooking homeschoolers who use notebooking as part of their education
#onlinehomeschool online homeschool issues and curricula
#principleapproach providential view of history and biblical principles in homeschool study
#roadschooling resources and discussions for roadschooling
#secularhomeschooling secular homeschooling
#unitstudies unit studies for homeschool
#unschooling unschooling resources and discussions


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