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Homeschooling a Nine Year Old

So, you’re homeschooling a nine year old, Congratulations! You are on a grand adventure full of tough choices, important milestones, and shared successes.

You are likely on this page because you are curious about what homeschooling an nine year old is like, what other nine year olds may be learning, and what nine year old online homeschooling might look like.

While children don’t always develop the same skills at the same age, parents often like to know what to expect from their child in a given time frame. The following information is intended to be a comparison tool, but keep in mind that your child is unique and complex and this information should be considered in the context of your child’s specific development.

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Common Characteristics of Nine Year Olds

Who is this child and where did he/she come from? Have you found yourself asking that question recently? If so, you might be the parent of a nine year old. As they push closer and closer to their tweens, nine year olds can become argumentative, anxious, critical, and even moody and withdrawn. In trying to find their personalities, opinions, and voice independent of their parents, they will often push back against even the most basic parental input. While it may not be easy to encounter the side effects of your child’s natural need to create a distinct identity, you can be proud that they are growing into their own strength and purpose.

Other things that can be common to nine year olds include:

  • an improvement in hand-eye coordination (handwriting might even become more legible!)
  • the ability to argue more than one side of an issue
  • reading for the purpose of extracting information from a text
  • a growth in vocabulary
  • can handle most of their own personal care and hygiene needs
  • developing a more sophisticated sense of humor

What To Expect When Homeschooling a Nine Year Old

As they exert their need for independence, your nine-year old may push their boundaries and your buttons this homeschool year. Yet, their yearning for taking the lead in their own lives doesn’t have to be a negative thing. This can be a good year to try out a nine year old online homeschool program. Online curricula have the advantage of letting a child work independently while still keeping parents informed of their child’s progress.

To balance out their computer time, it’s also a good year to tap into their nine-year-old passions about the world around them. This age is typically when children notice the needs and issues in their community. Your nine year old will likely welcome the opportunity to participate in various volunteer activities. This real-world experience can greatly enrich your homeschool experience.

Although likely overemphasized in the public school system, the ages of nine and ten are when many children across the country will experience standardized testing. Depending on your state’s regulations, your homeschooler may too. Even if it’s not required, you and your child may be interested to see how much of what you are learning is being comprehended and applied. Time4Learning has compiled information on standardized testing by state, if you want to research further to see if it would be helpful in your homeschool journey.

What Nine Year Olds Are Learning About

Have you ever stared at that bright yellow bus driving down the street and wondered what the kids your child’s age were doing when they reached their classroom? In traditional education settings, nine year olds are exploring a wide range of new information. Age nine is a common year to learn about:

  • creating multimedia projects on the computer
  • using root words and context cues to figure out new words
  • using inference to understand what they are reading
  • the interactions between organisms and their environment
  • local and state government structure
  • myths, legends, fantasy, and adventure writing

Online Homeschool Curriculum for a Nine Year Old

One thing many nine year olds have in common is their love for computer-based learning. In fact, you may already be having a difficult time pulling them away from their favorite online games or apps. This is one reason Time4Learning is a natural choice for homeschooling a nine year old. The lessons in the Time4Learning curriculum are multimedia, interactive, engaging, and keep kids enthusiastic about their homeschool day.

Subjects are organized into chapters composed of interactive lessons, printable worksheets, quizzes and tests. This mixture of online lessons, offline practice, and assessment keep your homeschooler’s day varied and stimulating.

NOTE: This website provides information of a general nature and is designed for information and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice.

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