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4th Grade Lesson Plans

4th Grade Lesson Plans
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One of the most common questions homeschooling parents have when beginning grade four is  how to make a lesson plan for fourth grade. Imagine their relief when we let them know that with Time4Learning, that hurdle has already been crossed.

Time4Learning’s 4th grade curriculum includes dozens of pre-prepared and standards-based lessons, activities and assessments! The program provides lesson plans for every subject area offered: math, language arts, science, and social studies. Even better, parents can preview all fourth grade lessons ahead of time, so that there are no surprises about what your child will be learning for that day.

How to make a lesson plan for fourth grade

Although Time4Learning already takes care of this item for parents, those who wish to make some tweaks or make their own from scratch are free to do so as well. We’ve put together so tips to help you with the process:

  • Make sure you define an objective for each lesson.
  • Write out an outline for your lesson and include any materials needed.
  • Organize your lessons into a timeline.
  • Use introductions to each lesson to get your students engaged with the lesson.
  • Start out with basic facts.
  • Have your student do an activity on their own to understand what they’ve learned.
  • Discuss with your child (ask questions) to ensure they have clearly understood.
  • Go over the concept again to ensure it sticks.

4th Grade Lesson Plans for Math

A fourth grader’s understanding of math concepts takes a huge leap this year. There is more emphasis on real-world applications for math. Your student will move from memorizing rules of math to engaging in activities that require complex thinking. He or she will also continue to build fluency in math facts.

Time4Learning’s fourth grade lessons for math include over 300 activities that will cover concepts such as:

  • Comparing and Ordering Fractions
  • Solving Equations
  • Classifying Plane Figures
  • Converting Metric Units of Length
  • Mean, Medium, Mode, & Range

4th Grade Lesson Plans for Language Arts

By fourth grade, students have become fluent readers who can comprehend a wide variety of literature and informational texts. Strategies for reading and writing get more in-depth this year and focus more heavily on structure and organization.

Our lessons include over 240 activities to ensure your child builds the foundational literacy skills they need to progress to the next level. Some of the concepts include:

  • Using Reference Materials
  • Summarizing Texts
  • The Writing Process: Planning & Drafting
  • Writing a Narrative
  • Taking Notes and Sorting Information

4th Grade Lesson Plans for Science

Fourth graders are expected to learn both the content and process of science. They will be encouraged to think like a scientist and investigate scientific concepts for themselves.

Our lessons include over 110 activities to learn more about engineering and technology, energy, biology, and the geology of Earth. Examples of science lessons your fourth grader will encounter are:

  • Engineering Design
  • Energy & Transformation
  • Waves
  • Structure & Function of Plants
  • Geological Changes Over Time

4th Grade Lesson Plans for Social Studies

In order for students to become active citizens, they need a deep background knowledge of key historic events as well as an understanding of the geography of the world around them. In 4th grade, your homeschooler will read and analyze information about ancient cultures, and will explore some of the geography, economics, and civics of their own country.

Time4Learning’s fourth grade social studies lesson plans serve as a jumping off point for helping your child learn about their community, nation, and world and their place in it.

Examples of lessons included in our curriculum are:

  • Mayan Culture
  • Concepts of Liberty
  • Map Skills
  • Three Branches of Government
  • Role of Money

What Is Included In Time4Learning’s 4th Grade Lesson Plans?

Comprehensive lesson planning tools are available in your parent dashboard. You can drill down through your child’s curriculum to view:

Chapter lessons with detailed descriptions and objective of the content covered
Non-scored activities, quizzes and printable quiz answer keys
Supplemental lesson worksheets and answer keys covering the materials presented
Easy access to additional chapters within each subject

The Lesson Planning area of the dashboard also allows you to plan out your homeschool year, if you desire.  Parents who want more input into their child’s schedule can use the optional tools to generate a detailed to-do list of lessons and activities for each student.

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