Homeschool Curricula – Which One is Right for Your Child?

As if homeschooling alone wasn’t enough of a challenge, the dilemma of choosing a homeschool program that meets your child’s needs is even more intimidating. With so many homeschool curricula available, it’s hard for parents to choose the right one.

Time4Learning is a new approach to homeschooling that takes advantage of modern technology. Since children like using the computer to learn, our online, multimedia based learning system provides an interactive approach that is ideal for homeschooling children.  Time4Learning’s homeschool curriculum engages and challenges students, while at the same time letting them work at their own pace.

Unlike many other homeschool curricula, Time4Learning tracks your child’s progress, making record-keeping simple and convenient. Our flexible, student-paced approach helps students advance by offering each child their own learning path.

Time4Learning is proven effective. It has a low monthly price and provides a money-back guarantee so you can be sure that it works for your children – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Mixing and Matching Homeschool Curricula

Many parents who homeschool their children, find one of the hardest parts of homeschooling is picking a curricula out of all the homeschool curriculums available. There is no more popular discussion on the web than homeschool curriculum reviews by homeschool families. After sifting through the homeschool curriculum reviews, most parents end up mixing and matching homeschool curricula, trying to create the best match for their child.

For families with more than one child, choosing a homeschool curricula can even be more problematic. What works for one child, doesn’t work for another. What works one year, may not work the next. Time4Learning tries to take the confusion out of choosing your homeschool curricula. Our online, interactive educational system offers each child their own learning path that is measured by their educational needs. Sign up for Time4Learning, and build your own personalized homeschool curricula K-6.

How to Build the Best Homeschool Curricula K-12

Ask any parent new to homeschooling what the hardest part is and the most common answer is picking a program out of all the homeschool curricula available.  Many homeschooling families combine different homeschooling curricula to prevent boredom and add variety to their child’s schooling.

For families with more than one child, choosing a homeschool curriculum can be even more difficult. Since all children have different learning styles, what works for one child may not work for another; and what works one year, may not work the next.  This is yet another reason why some families choose to mix and match homeschool curricula, to help each child reach their fullest potential according to each of their learning needs.

There are so many choices when it comes to homeschool curricula: online, books, workbooks, CD ROMs, lapbooks and more.  Depending on a child’s learning style, many parents end up using one type of homeschooling program for certain subjects in order to maximize their child’s understanding and retention of the material.

Time4Learning helps take the confusion out of choosing your homeschool curriculum. Our online, interactive educational system offers each child their own learning path that is measured by their educational needs. Our flexible, online homeschool program allows students to work at their own individual pace, giving them the option to redo lessons and retake tests and quizzes. To keep things interesting, Time4Learning provides printable worksheets for many activities to give students the option to do work on paper away from the computer.

How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12

Time4Learning knows firsthand how important choosing the right homeschool curriculum is for your children. Our extensive experience shows that there is no single best homeschool curriculum for Prek-12.  However, through diversity and careful planning, your child will look forward to what each homeschooling day has to offer.

Children need a large amount of diverse activities to hold their attention and prevent boredom. If working with more than one child, each student’s learning style and method should be taken into consideration, making sure that a child isn’t forced to sit through a particular activity for prolonged periods of time.  Shifting from computer work to group discussions to work on paper, including art, science projects and worksheets, can help keep your child engaged and eager to learn.

Time4Learning’s web based program helps homeschooling parents build interesting and exciting days by combining interactive, animated activities and lessons with printable worksheets and learning games.

Why not make Time4Learning a part of your child’s homeschool curricula?

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