Peedy the Parrot / MS Agent

Time4Learning recommends that you do not download the components as they cannot be uninstalled without uninstalling the operating system. Within the Science and Social Studies lessons you may notice a speaker icon at the top of the page. When you click on this speaker it will ask that you download the components to Peedy the Parrot/MS Agent. Peedy is a screen reader, he reads the text on the page. Peedy uses old technology that does not work with more modern browsers and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Today we recommend using a more modern speech reader. One that has been used by many of our subscribers is Natural Readers. If it can be highlighted, Natural Readers can convert it to speech. This is a third party software not affiliated with the Time4Learning program, but it seems to work well for those students who need help with reading the science and social studies lessons.

Natural Readers text-to-speech program

Click here to download the free version of Natural Readers text-to-speech software for windows

Click here to download the free version of Natural Readers text-to-speech software for MAC

If you decide to use Natural Readers, it will be an additional program on your desktop that you will need to open anytime you want to use it with Time4Learning.

Closed Captioning is available for some of the Language Arts lessons in 3rd-8th grade in these chapters:

  • Vocabulary skills
  • Process Skills: Think Alouds
  • Comprehension
  • State Simulation Assessments

To display closed captioning press the F8 key on your keyboard.


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9th - 12th

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