How do I use the lesson plans?


  1. Log in to the Parent Admin Login
  2. Click on “Lesson Plans” from the right menu.
  3. Choose the grade level and subject you want to look through.
see a sample lesson plan see a sample lesson plan
The lesson plans will list the following information:
Lesson Descriptions The objectives within each lesson
Activity Names The names of each activity within a lesson
Activity Type scored activity icon Scored activity (an activity designed to teach, not to assess) non-scored activity icon Non-scored activity (an activity designed to provide feedback about the student’s understanding of the material just presented) Odyssey writer activity icon Odyssey writer activity (writing assignment)
Learning Activity Codes Also known as LA codes; these are shortcuts to the activities using the activity finder on the child’s launchpad
Worksheets and Answer Keys Worksheets worksheets icon and their answer keys answer key icon for extending the online lessons
Location of Lesson Quizzes Present when there is a lesson quiz quiz icon
Location of Chapter Tests Present when there is a chapter test test icon
Teaching Guides Ideas and worksheets for extending the online lessons teacher guide icon

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