Is “Click Here for LessonTime” not working?

Does “Click here for Lessontime” just close the window or do nothing?

Does the Window close abruptly at the end of the mouse animation?

Your computer has Pop-up blockers that prevents Time4Learning from opening our second window. This can be solved in several ways:

  1. When it’s time to “Click here for LessonTime”, hold down the control key(Ctrl) on the keyboard while clicking. This sometimes solves the problem.
  2. If that does not work, you could run in Trouble Shooting Mode. Before logging in, on the Member Login page, check the box: “Run in Trouble Shooting Mode”. Trouble Shooting Mode allows Time4Learning to run , but the windows have unsightly menus.
  3. For the best solution, remove or adjust pop-up blockers to trust Time4Learning per these instructions.

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