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Choosing Math Courses for Your Gifted Child

How many of these behaviors describe your child?

  • My child is very interested in math computers
  • My child is often bored with math lessons
  • My child grasps math concepts quickly
  • My child has an intuitive math sense
  • My child was an early reader and/or is an avid reader
  • My child can concentrate for long periods of time

If four or more of these statements are true, then it may be time to explore more engaging math materials for your child.

Time4Learning believes your child will benefit from the combination of student-paced instruction, interactive learning, and easy movement from level to level offered in its math courses.

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How Your Gifted Child Can Benefit from Time4Learning

The Time4Learning program combines math and language arts study in a comprehensive package. Science, social studies, art, and foreign language learning are also available. Some parents only use a few of the subjects. All are impressed by the thorough in-depth education that their children receive. Each unit starts with a multimedia online lesson followed by interactive exercises, printable worksheets, and a unit quiz to assure mastery. For children, it feels like learning games. For parents, there are progress reports and in-depth lesson plans that you can preview.

After signing up, you will have access to the materials in adjacent years. This means in areas where the student is ready for even more challenge or would like to review, you can simply click forward and back. This is especially important for gifted children, who often have uneven skills development in different subjects.

Math Lessons Include:

    Seventh Grade and Eighth Grade Math Lessons

  • Add Integers: Students review positive and negative values and number lines.
  • The Distributive Property – Factoring: Apply the distributive property of multiplication to find the factors of an expression.

Learn more for gifted students ready for Pre-Algebra or Algebra.

Choosing Your Child’s Math Courses in Time4Learning

When you sign up for Time4Learning, you can help us place your child at the appropriate math level. Once placed, you have access to the grade level materials for the year ahead so in areas where the student is ready for even more challenge, you can click ahead. This is especially important for gifted children, who are often asynchronous in skills development.

With Time4Learning, your child can pick and choose those lessons that are most meaningful to them (and to you!). If a parent wants to change a grade level up or down permanently, we can shift the student easily.

PreK - 5th

  • Monthly, per student

6th - 12th

  • Monthly, per student

30% off each additional student

Discount applied to the student(s) of equal or lesser value.

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