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Extracurricular Activities for Time4Learning Members

Extracurricular Activities for Time4Learning Members
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A well-rounded school experience looks different for every student, but when you are schooled at home, it is often the extracurricular activities that you get involved with that provide variety to your day. As part of a Time4Learning subscription, students have access to multiple “extras” that you may not yet know about. This page will highlight some of the key features your child may want to take advantage of as a Time4Learning member. In addition to our award-winning math, language arts, science, and social studies curriculum, our extracurricular activities list includes:

The Time4Learning Playground for Grades PreK-8

One of the most popular and fun extracurricular activities for both Time4Learning parents and students is our virtual playground. This feature, for students in grades PreKindergarten through eighth grade, provides carefully selected educational games designed to reinforce the learning activities completed in the structured learning area. Parents have complete control over how much time their student can spend in the playground area. Some parents choose to use it to break up daily lesson sessions. Others prefer to use it as a reward system for dedicated study time. Either way, students will enjoy the safe, fun, and motivating environment of this Time4Learning extracurricular.

The playground is a safe and fun way to motivate students with learning games.

Parents choose how much time their child can spend playing before getting back to lessons.




The Time4Learning Game Room for Grades 9-12

Activities for homeschoolers that both engage their brain and are fun are the perfect extracurricular blend. Younger students aren’t the only ones who deserve a break from their studies, though. High school Time4Learning users also have access to their very own game room. It consists of educational games that were created based on 80’s and 90’s classics. When they are ready for a diversion, high school students can choose from categories such as action games, brain games, fun and logic, and comic strip and poetry creation.

High schoolers can take a break from their studies with a dedicated game room just for them.

Students can choose from action games, brain boosters, or creativity starters.

Game Room



Online Curriculum for Homeschool, Afterschool and Summer Use

If you are just learning about Time4Learning, we’d suggest first looking at our interactive lesson demos.
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