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Educational Games for Kids

Educational Games for Kids
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Online education that combines instruction with fun learning games for children creates interactive learning and enjoyment. Learning games can help students concentrate on language arts, math, science, and social studies skills through an entertaining online curriculum. While “fun,” Time4Learning’s online educational games are widely rigorous and standards-based.

Educational Games Online 

Time4Learning offers a balance between educational activities and online learning games for kids. Give your kids a safe, fun, motivating environment that is good for them and sign up for Time4Learning.

Time4Learning’s educational games for kids reinforce concepts through age-appropriate lessons and fun learning. The animated characters, interesting content, and playful, game-show like format heightens interest and concentration for children in preschool through high school.

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Educational Computer Games for Kids

Time4Learning incorporated “The Playground,” to help reinforce skills while providing fun education games for kids. Our Playground contains a carefully selected array of educational games, learning activities, action games, puzzlers, and theme-based, character games that will teach kids valuable lessons, while allowing them to enjoy their learning. Our educational fun games for kids are:

  • Safe Online Learning – Many educational game sites are over commercialized. They might contain advertisements may contain spyware and pop-ups that will hinder your computer’s performance. Time4Learning’s online learning games for kids are designed solely to entertain and to teach, not to sell or to advertise. We NEVER try to sell more products to your kids and offer a secure site.
  • Educational Fun Games – Our Playground contains an array of licensed fun games for kids, taken from a wide list of online educational sites and activities like; PBS Kids, BBC Interactive, Sesame Street, Pauly’s Playhouse, VeggieTales and Starfall. Each of our educational fun games for kids are carefully chosen, and our kid-safe interface makes navigating back and forth between these educational sites simple and safe.
  • Fun Online Learning – Time4Learning’s Playground is a mix of online learning games for kids, entertainment, and “casual”, kid-safe games. They’re designed to be fun, but not all-consuming. The goal is to reward and entertain kids, not to addict them to playing video games.

Time4Learning gives your children the help they need to succeed at school. Our elementary teaching tools can be used as a supplement to school work, as core curriculum for homeschool elementary, or as an enhancement to elementary homeschool programs.

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Preschool Online Educational Games

Time4Learning provides online elementary teaching tools that teach basic reading and math concepts in a variety of methods designed to support learning through different modalities. The repetition and focus on the basic reading and math concepts are done through structured learning and playground areas.


Preschoolers will use online educational games to identify and associate sounds with letters.

Phonological Awareness

Preschoolers use fun online games to mix and match pairs of pictures whose names rhyme with one another.

Writer’s Corner

Preschoolers will select backgrounds (settings), characters and objects using interactive, preschool online games to create stories through a series of learning activities.

Pre-Math Skills

Preschoolers use online educational math games for kids to learn features, sets and following directions by sorting pictures by appearance (i.e. color, size and shape.) Help your kids succeed at math using preschool online games to teach pre-math skills. These educational fun games for kids will get your preschooler ready for elementary math.

Numbers & Quantity

Preschoolers develop an understanding of numbers and their meanings, using online math games to identify numerals in their correct order. Kids will learn to recognize what the numeric forms are, what they represent, and what their correct order is through online educational games fro kids.


Preschoolers use educational computer games to measure, compare and order objects according to lengths, in inches and feet.

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Online Elementary Games

As kids grow, so should their reading comprehension and grammar skills. Online elementary games offer kids an opportunity to explore language arts while having fun. Each online game at Time4Learning offers a particular reading skill set that builds on a kid’s existing knowledge.

Verbal Comprehension

Using online elementary games, kids practice phonetic skills through a variety of learning exercises that involve experiencing words in a variety of modes, including rhyme and literature.


Kids practice word analysis by using online elementary games to identify various homophones that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.


Practicing sentence structure can sometimes be tedious for young students. Online elementary games offer punctuation help in a fun, supportive environment. Some children resist practicing their elementary math concepts; however, math doesn’t have to be all work and no play. In fact, math can be a lot of fun, in the right environment. Time4Learning has online elementary games that teach the following math concepts to students in a fun, supportive environment.

Math Patterns

Kids learn how to predict and extend existing numerical patterns using elementary online math games that will help them practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through flashcard math and printable math worksheets.


Kids will learn to identify the attributes of polygons (vertices, sides and angles) using online educational math activities for elementary school children that teach them to sort the plane figure by particular characteristics.


Using online educational math games kids will interpret line and steam-and-leaf plots, compare data and draw conclusions, helping them understand this important math concept.

Teach your kids that reading and math is fun! Use Time4Learning’s educational fun games for kids.

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