Lesson Demo Videos

Lesson Demo Videos

See the type of lessons your child will interact and engage with on a daily basis.

PreK Lesson Demos

PreK overview screenshot
PreK Overview
PreK Sentence Slopes screenshot
Sentence Slopes
PreK Syllable Drum screenshot
Syllable Drum
PreK Rhyme & Climb screenshot
Rhyme & Climb
PreK Initial Sounds screenshot
Initial Sounds

Elementary (K – 2nd) Lesson Demos

K - 2nd overview screenshot
K – 2nd Overview
K - 2nd Math screenshot
K – 2nd Math
K - 2nd Language Arts screenshot
K – 2nd Language Arts
K - 2nd Science screenshot
K – 2nd Science
K - 2nd Social Studies screenshot
K – 2nd Social Studies

Elementary (3rd – 5th) Lesson Demos

3rd - 5th overview screenshot
3rd – 5th Overview
3rd - 5th Math screenshot
3rd – 5th Math
3rd - 5th Language Arts screenshot
3rd – 5th Language Arts
3rd - 5th Science screenshot
3rd – 5th Science
3rd - 5th Social Studies screenshot
3rd – 5th Social Studies

Middle School Lesson Demos

Middle School overview screenshot
Middle School Overview
Middle School Math screenshot
Middle School Math
Middle School Language Arts screenshot
Middle School Language Arts
Middle School Science screenshot
Middle School Science
Middle School Social Studies screenshot
Middle School Social Studies

High School Lesson Demos

High School overview screenshot
High School Overview
High School Math screenshot
High School Math
High School Language Arts screenshot
High School Language Arts
High School Science screenshot
High School Science
High School Social Studies screenshot
High School Social Studies

PreK - 8th

  • Monthly First Student
  • $14.95/month for each additional student

9th - 12th

  • Monthly Per Student
  • Includes 4 courses

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