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Afterschool Enrichment Program for K-12 Students

Has your child lost skills in reading and math due to the pandemic? Your child is not alone. On average, students lost the equivalent of three months of learning in math and one-and-a-half months of learning in reading due to COVID-19 school closures and other pandemic-related impacts, according to a recent study. Today, many parents find themselves in dire need of afterschool enrichment and academic skill-building to help their children catch-up.

Strengthen Your Child’s Academic Skills

Time4Learning can help you fill these learning gaps via standards-based math and language arts lessons from preschool to high school. Check out our video to learn about our flexible, student-paced approach that combines animated lessons and interactive activities.

Getting every child on the right track toward educational success is our primary goal at Time4Learning. Let’s look together at how our online afterschool curriculum can accomplish this goal while letting your student work at their own pace and on a schedule that works for your family.

Benefits of An Online Afterschool Program

Learning is not confined to the typical school-time hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learning can happen anywhere and at any time. An online afterschool learning program can engage students in a multimedia platform that helps them visualize concepts, move from understanding to retention, and capitalize on their individual curiosities.

Time4Learning meets young people where they are by:

  • Using fun, multimedia-style activities to teach standards-based lessons.
  • Allowing parents and students to hone in on specific subject areas and topics where they need reinforcement.
  • Integrating motivational tools that keep students eager to build knowledge.
  • Tailoring the curriculum to each child’s individual learning style and specific needs.
  • Creating a stress-free environment that focuses on support rather than high-stakes testing.

An Online Tutoring Alternative

In the crush and rush of a traditional school day, it’s almost impossible for students to grasp all the new concepts and information they are learning. They need plenty of reinforcement, repetition, and context to turn learning into retention. That’s where tutoring often comes in. Yet many families struggle to fit at-home tutoring into their schedule or budget.

For those families, there is an affordable, flexible, and effective option. Time4Learning is an award-winning, online, preK-12 curriculum that combines thousands of multimedia lessons, interactive activities, and offline activities in a student-paced environment that brings concepts to life. It is an afterschool education program that allows students to target their specific learning gaps on their own schedule and in a fun, animated format that feels like game play.

Online Afterschool Activities for Each Subject

Of course, it isn’t just those who have learning gaps who benefit from afterschool learning enrichment. Gifted learners need access to online enrichment activities that help them develop their full potential and prevent boredom.

For any number of reasons, and sometimes for almost no reason at all, your elementary, middle, or high school student may fall behind in a class. If you’ve contacted your child’s teacher and discovered that they are struggling to grasp a given topic(s), the remedy can often be as simple as seeing those concepts from a wholly new perspective. Multimedia-based instruction allows students to visualize difficult concepts and make real-world connections that will improve understanding and retention.

Time4Learning can be a key partner in getting your student back on track. Our subscription model allows you to choose both the grade level and subject of instruction that you want your child to focus on. Our afterschool enrichment activities can get your child up to speed.

Solution for Families: Time4Learning Afterschool Curriculum

With Time4Learning, you are in the driver’s seat of your child’s education. With 24/7access to thousands of lessons and activities, you choose exactly when to use them, how much to focus on at once, and what topics to hone in on. For some, that may mean focusing on the math lessons they are currently struggling with at school. Other families will use it to help their child in a specific area such as reading comprehension several times a week. Then there are students who may need a thorough review of all subjects every day, especially if you haven’t yet identified exactly where their educational gaps lie.

A monthly Time4Learning subscription is like an educational tool kit that you can open and use exactly when and how you need it. Families using Time4Learning as their afterschool learning program love being able to:

  • Access the grade level above and below the student’s default grade and work on different grade levels by subject.
  • Change levels anytime, as well as change courses for high school students.
  • Repeat lessons for further understanding and/or explanation; and retake tests and quizzes.
  • Use our detailed lesson search tool to locate specific topics within different grade levels that their child needs additional help with.
  • View in-depth reports of each child’s progress, including how long they have spent on specific lessons and activities, as well as whether or not they are achieving mastery.
  • Start, stop, or pause membership at any time, depending on individual needs.
  • Give their student an educational boost for far less than the cost of private tutoring.
  • Make even the most difficult concepts accessible through fun, multimedia lessons and activities.

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PreK - 8th

  • Monthly, first student
  • ($14.95 monthly for each additional student)

9th - 12th

  • Monthly, per student
  • (Includes 4 courses per student)

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