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5 Ways to Keep Homeschool Enthusiasm Going

The Cambridge Dictionary defines enthusiasm as: “A feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and a desire to be involved in it, or a subject that produces such a feeling.” As a homeschooler, you have an “energetic interest” in your child’s education. You’ve decided to homeschool for a reason, and now that […]

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How to Boost Your Homeschool Enthusiasm

Many children become bored very easily. Even adults can get bored if they’re doing the same old routine every day. When this happens, it’s important to harness the power of enthusiasm. Afterall, enthusiasm is contagious. In an article on enthusiasm in the Washington Post, career coach Joyce E. A. Russell states, “Have passion and find […]

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Webinar: Hindsight from Homeschool Moms

We know that students learn from their mistakes, but the truth is, homeschool parents often make their best decisions by looking back at the things that haven’t gone smoothly for them in the past. That “learning the hard way” process can be painful, though, can’t it? But, what if you could bypass some of the […]

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