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Family Journey: From Time4Learning Members to Staff Thumbnail

Family Journey: From Time4Learning Members to Staff

Meet siblings Jordan and Ashley from Florida. Both were homeschooled from a very early age using Time4Learning. Now, both also happen to work for the same company that helped educate them from elementary all the way to high school graduation. Meet Jordan Jordan and Ashley come from a large family and are just two of […]

The Time4Learning Team
Celebrate Presidents Day in Your Homeschool Thumbnail

Celebrate Presidents Day in Your Homeschool

The history of Presidents Day is a bit of a brain teaser. It began as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday, which is February 22, 1732, but during most of the 1800s, it was simply an unofficial observance. In the late 1870s, it became a federal holiday when Senator Stephen Wallace Dorsey of Arkansas proposed […]

The Time4Learning Team
Survey: Families Favor Homeschooling’s Flexibility Thumbnail

Survey: Families Favor Homeschooling’s Flexibility

The pandemic has completely disrupted traditional school systems across the U.S., with approximately 1.5 million students leaving public school in 2020-2021, and homeschooling more than doubling since March of 2020. You too may be homeschooling because of the pandemic, or you may know families who have chosen homeschooling over other options. Current research is showing […]

The Time4Learning Team
How Educators Make Homeschooling Work Thumbnail

How Educators Make Homeschooling Work

According to several homeschool studies, a growing number of educators are homeschooling. In a Hanover Research study, commissioned by Time4Learning, 36 percent of the 976 survey respondents said they were employed in K-12 education. Why is that? Teachers are increasingly challenged by shifting state requirements, staff shortages, and increased demands for virtual instruction, all while […]

Your Homeschool Curriculum Checklist Thumbnail

Your Homeschool Curriculum Checklist

As more parents continue to make the transition to homeschooling, choosing the right curriculum for their child and family has become a top priority. There are so many factors to consider when shopping for the right homeschool curriculum. Is the curriculum student-paced and flexible? Is it a core academic curriculum or supplemental resource? Does it […]

The Time4Learning Team
Time4Learning Honors Black History Month Thumbnail

Time4Learning Honors Black History Month

Time4Learning believes in the power of diversity as a way to unite our country as a whole. That’s why every February, we proudly celebrate Black History Month. It’s our way of recognizing the struggles and contributions of our nation’s African American citizens Why Was February Chosen for Black History Month? On September 9th, 1915, Carter […]

The Time4Learning Team

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