Picking an educational program — especially a homeschool curriculum — is an important decision. You’ve chosen to homeschool because you want your child to get the best education possible. You want to know that your curriculum choice will ultimately meet the needs of your unique student.

Reviews can be an invaluable help when it’s time to choose. By reading the experiences of other users of a program, you can get a better sense of what the learning tool has to offer and what advantages and disadvantages it may have compared to other curricula.

Trustpilot is a third-party review site where any registered member can leave their thoughts about thousands of different websites and products. Time4Learning is delighted to be one of Trustpilot’s companies eligible for review, and we have way over 100 reviews of our program on the site.

Here is a sampling:

“I am grateful for the ease of use of this website. It has made my homeschooling experience with my children less stressful.” ~Shanita

“I absolutely LOVE this curriculum! Everything is easy to work, and when I had a few challenges learning my way around the site, the support people (from the chat line) were always there to assist me. They were patient, and quite supportive! ” ~Sandra

“Our family has used Time4Learning (T4L) since our children were in preschool and they are now almost in high school. I love the way they are able to advance at their own speed. The material is informative and not overwhelming, very age appropriate. … I highly recommend this not only for homeschoolers but for children looking for summer time skill review or as a way to round out their education. Even if you use it for a month or two for specific skill based learning it is a great tool.” ~A. Rahhali

Knowing that our members depend on Time4Learning as a key part of their homeschool experience keeps us working hard to constantly improve our offerings. If you haven’t yet decided on a curriculum for your new homeschooler, give our grade-level demos a try.

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