We all want our children to succeed. But as a parent, how do you set your child up for success?

What are things that you can be doing right now to help your child understand the importance of hard work and determination? There are things every kid should do before they grow up and this blog will help guide you and give you tips on how to groom your child for success.


Being organized goes a long way. Eliminating any unnecessary clutter will help your child know where everything is located and help them have a clear mind. Encourage them to make their bed in the morning and keep their room neat and tidy. They can even help you when putting laundry away and emptying out the dishwasher. These little tasks will instill good organizational skills that will stay with them well into adulthood.

Time management

Having good time management skills helps students be more productive, organized, and focused. Knowing how to structure their time and use it efficiently will help them reach their goals faster and be more successful. An important part of time management is planning.

Having them use a calendar, agenda or even some of the organization tools on their cell phones is the first step in helping your child build his or her time management skills. This will allow them to keep track of important dates and events so they can prioritize what they need to do.

Goal setting

Encourage your child to dream big and have both short-term and long-term goals. It’s important to keep in mind that although goals should challenge your child, they should also be realistic and attainable.

Whether it’s to read 20 minutes every day, learn the symbols for the chemical elements or get an internship during the summer, setting goals can help your child prioritize and learn firsthand how persistence and hard work pay off.

Importance of note taking

Taking notes allows students to be more engaged, proactive learners and also helps them remember valuable information. Whether it’s an important lecture in class or an online lesson, jotting down key points will help them retain information and give them a jumping off point when it’s time to start studying. Once they enter the workforce, their note taking skills will help them be more productive and focused employees.

Practice makes perfect

Although it seems obvious, always emphasize the importance of studying. That’s the only way to get better at something or master a particular skill, whether it’s playing a musical instrument, learning a new sport, changing a tire or writing a research paper.

As a parent, you can help instill good study habits by creating a designated place to study, having your student use a planner, take good notes and practice daily rather than cramming.

Ask questions

The only way to get answers to the things we don’t know is by asking questions. Guessing or assuming will only create more doubt and confusion. Asking questions shows others that you are serious about learning and understanding the matter at hand. If your child doesn’t understand something, encourage them to raise their hand, speak up, and ask for help.

Eliminate distractions

Whether it’s a cell phone, video games, or even friends that don’t inspire them to do their best, eliminating distractions will help your children be more successful by allowing them to focus on their goals.

To help reduce distractions, designate time each day for them to unwind and clear their mind by doing whatever it is they enjoy.

Learn from mistakes

Trying to shield children from the real world doesn’t do them any good. Knowing what it’s like to feel a wide range of emotions like hurt, sadness and failure will help them learn to deal with these feelings in a healthy way and learn from their mistakes.

They will be encouraged to work harder, be more mindful and cautious of the choices they make, and grow up to be well-rounded adults who are ready to take on anything.

Accept constructive criticism

Some people take criticism better than others. Help your child understand what constructive criticism is and how they should use the information to improve. Chances are, the person providing the feedback has their best interest in mind and wants them to succeed.

Although it can be hard to hear, being open-minded and accepting of criticism will allow your child to learn about themselves and help them avoid making the same mistakes again.

Healthy habits

Always stress the importance of eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep. Being able to have a healthy mind and body will help your children balance all aspects of life and allow them to focus. Set an example by doing the same and cooking healthy meals together and working out as a family. They’ll learn that when they take care of themselves and feel good, they can take on anything that comes their way.

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