Prior to the pandemic, if your child fell behind in school, you addressed it in some way. You talked to the teacher, hired a tutor, or worked with your child one-on-one. Now your child’s status is simply not that clear. Some schools and teachers stepped up and made amazing things happen. Others just didn’t. How did your school fare? Maybe your child did well with the work that was sent home. Perhaps your child was excelling academically and you don’t want him or her to lose that edge. Maybe your child struggled with online learning like a lot of other kids, missing the interaction and challenged by the additional loads on executive function.

Struggling boyYour child may have stayed virtual or may have returned to some type of hybrid format. Like so many parents, you may have been trying to support your at-home learner while working remotely but then had to return to commuting to work. You may be expecting your child to return to school full-time in the fall, and either a) all the kids will be behind or b) catching up will occur naturally within the regular school year. What you really don’t want is for your child to be behind while others in the classroom did make progress. You wonder what gaps will be found in your child’s learning next year, or even for years to come.

“Getting your child back on track, at their own pace and on your schedule is possible. Time4Learning provides not just customization, but also the freedom and flexibility that many families are seeking.”

Families are all dealing with so many unknowns, changes, and obstacles. The first point is that you cannot feel guilty for not being on top of our child’s schooling. The truth is that we did the best we could at the time. However, now you can make a difference, and afterschool skill-building is the way to do it. There is no doubt that schools and teachers will be focused on getting children back up to speed, but lost educational time cannot be made up during the same school hours where the next phases of learning are happening. As a parent, you have the power to make a difference in the off hours.

Right now, in the remaining months of the school year, many families are looking for ways to add afterschool enrichment to their child’s learning. Not only do they want flexibility when it comes to scheduling, they also want an option that is affordable, effective, and fun. While tutors can prove effective, they can also be very costly, and having to drive to a specific location for a session is just not feasible for many families. With summer around the corner, families want to be able to keep an open schedule to allow time for vacations, camp, and other fun activities and events. So what’s the solution?

Getting your child back on track, at their own pace and on your schedule is possible. Time4Learning provides not just customization, but also the freedom and flexibility that many families are seeking. Just like every child has a different way of learning, each unique child has their own set of strengths and challenges, and Time4Learning gives you the freedom to focus on whatever it is your child needs help with.

Afterschooling families

As a Time4Learning member, you call the shots. Your child has 24/7 access to thousands of lessons, and while our curriculum includes math, language arts, science, and social studies, it’s up to you what you use and when. For some, that may mean focusing on a math lesson or two a day, a specific topic like reading comprehension several times a week, or for others, a more thorough review of all subjects every day, especially helpful for those who don’t know where those gaps in education are.

If you know your child is behind, now is the time to give them the support they need. Bringing your child back up to speed is possible and you can reverse the damage done by the pandemic to your child’s education. Learn more about How to Use Time4Learning as an Afterschool Skill Builder.

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