Find them at your next homeschool convention

Homeschool families know that homeschool conventions are a treasure trove of information. Homeschool families who are in a “good place” with their homeschool and curriculum can still benefit from their local annual event. If your student is in a traditional school setting, attending one is eye-opening and beneficial for you, as well. Here’s why. When a child struggles or excels with a subject or concept, whether they’re attending traditional school or not, homeschool conventions provide new and dynamic techniques for teaching them how to overcome those difficulties or capitalize on their mastery.

Benefits of Homeschool Conventions

Attending a homeschool convention gives you access to educational vendors and workshops with skill building resources and supplemental educational products. But, just as beneficial is the community of parents just like you who are seeking guidance, new ideas, and tools to help their children succeed. Homeschool parents and parents of children in typical schools will see more similarities than differences when it comes to giving their children the very best education.

Advocating for your child never stops: Homeschool families have to stand up for their students just as much as parents of children in traditional schools. One homeschool mom shared the story of her son who had graduated at the age of 15 and upon entering his local junior college, and in spite of near perfect ACT math scores and the completion of trigonometry in high school, was told he had to take College Algebra. He was also told that he could not take a science lab because he was too young. His mom fought to make sure he was placed in the right classes and paved the way for other homeschoolers.

Parents of traditionally schooled children know that if their children are struggling or bored because they’ve already mastered a subject, they must get involved to get the right program that will work best for their student.

Aside from having other parents to get ideas from, homeschool conventions showcase all kinds of learning programs from traditional to game-based and reward systems. Parents can take an active role in their child’s education and feel like they’ve accomplished something rewarding for themselves and their children.

You’ll do next to anything to help your child fulfill their passion: Children don’t always enjoy school — but they do enjoy learning. By attending a homeschool convention, parents discover new outlets and resources that bring the love and passion back to school. They may take the form of music, aviation, nature, or some other field. Discovering and supporting these passions makes school more interesting. And these conventions delve deep into finding alternative subjects that interest children and motivate them as they continue with their core studies.

A desire to help your child achieve subject proficiency: Homeschooling parents and parents of traditionally schooled children often feel frustrated and alone when their students struggle. For traditionally schooled children the struggles often grow because the classroom work progresses with or without your child. Homeschool families have the benefit of learning on their own schedule. After school and supplementary programs like Time4Learning can provide the extra boost most children need when they’re working to keep up. It combines serious learning techniques, dynamic interaction, and fun.

A need to learn and grow as a parent: Parents from all walks of life and educational situations (such as homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers) learn from each other at conventions. Ideas are swapped, professionals hold workshops and educational tools are available for review and demonstrations. Conventions open up a whole new educational experience for parents looking to help their children keep up with their classwork or expand on subjects they’ve already mastered.

When you have your homeschool running like a well-oiled machine, or if your child is attending public/private school, going to homeschool convention may seem unnecessary. However, homeschool conventions are for more than new homeschool families or those on the cusp of going from traditional school to homeschool. Parents with children in any educational setting are bound to find tools and resources to address any challenges they may be facing. They can also get tips and techniques to help their children in learning more about the things that excite them be they music, art, chemistry and the like. Lastly, there is a camaraderie among parents at homeschool conventions that ensures the event is incredibly worthwhile.

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