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Many parents start their homeschooling journey looking for different homeschool curriculum free trials before they fully commit to one program. This is a great approach that saves families time, money, and frustration down the road. We receive a lot of questions about whether or not Time4Learning offers a free trial. Although we don’t offer a […]

5 Steps to Build Your Best Homeschool Curriculum

1. Understand what homeschooling is and is not; then check your state’s homeschooling laws! Homeschooling refers to education that occurs outside of the public or private school system. While the term includes the term “home,” learning can actually take place anywhere and at any time. However, homeschooling is not the same as “remote learning” or […]

Online Curriculum Reviews for Time4Learning

Curriculum Review – Terms & Methods Members (must be active for at least 30 days to qualify): We will thank Time4Learning members for original, online, first time reviews with $25. If you want to write additional reviews, we have additional guidelines that we will notify you about once you have submitted your initial review. For […]

Homeschooling: How To Get Started

Make sure to watch our Getting Started with Homeschooling video below for more helpful information. 1. Check Your State Homeschooling Laws One of the first things you should do once you’ve made the decision to homeschool your children is to find out what your state laws are since homeschooling laws can vary by state. While […]

Interested in Spreading the Word About Time4Learning?

We’ll thank you with your choice of a $25 or a free month of Time4Learning! We prefer to pay our existing members for helping us get the word out rather than paying for advertisements. Already a Time4Learning member? There are three simple ways you can help us out: Refer your friends to Time4Learning. We’ll thank you […]

6th Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans

Social Studies Lesson Plan – 6th Grade Curriculum Total Activities: 176 Chapter 1: “Ancient Hebrew Civilization” Lesson 1: History of Judaism – 3 Activities Explain the origins of Judaism as the first religion based on the concept of one god. Analyze the significance of monotheism and the concept of moral laws for humanity. Discuss the […]

7th Grade Social Studies Lesson Plans

Social Studies Lesson Plan – 7th Grade Curriculum Total Activities: 150 Chapter 1: “Age of Exploration” Lesson 1: First Inhabitants – 2 Activities The learner will identify and describe the culture of the first Americans and analyze how geography and climate influenced the way Native Americans lived. Lesson 2: The Discovery of America – 2 […]

Members, Do You Love Time4Learning? Referral Program

Members, Do You Love Time4Learning? Choose from either $25 or a free month every time a friend or family member signs up following the steps below. Step 1: Click the button below to log in to your parent account and access your unique referral link to share, or send an email to family and friends. […]

Time4Learning Giveaway Program for Homeschool Support Groups

Program Requirements and Structure In order to qualify for the giveaway program: You must be an existing operational homeschool support group with a membership of at least 25 families and either a website or formal email newsletter. The meeting at which the door price will be given away must be at least 40 days away […]

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