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Homeschooling in Alabama

How to Start Homeschooling in Alabama If you get a twitch just thinking about how to enroll a child in homeschool in Alabama, you can take a deep breath and let those muscles relax. There are a couple important decisions you’ll need to make about your homeschool plan right up front. After that, you can […]

Alabama Homeschooling Laws

Alabama Homeschooling Laws If you are at the beginning of the research stage, you have probably started wondering, “What are the requirements for homeschooling in Alabama?” There are a few different options that families have to legally homeschool in Alabama, but the differences between them are significant. You’ll want to think long and hard about […]

Alabama Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

Alabama Homeschool Support Groups You won’t be far along in your homeschooling adventure before you confirm the old saying, “many hands make light work.” A network of families who’ve all made the similar choice to take their child’s education into their own hands can be not only a support system for one another but an […]

Alabama Homeschool Cover Schools

Church Schools in Alabama Although this is by no means an exhaustive list, here is a list of some of the most popular church schools in Alabama. A2ZHomeschooling has created a list of even more cover schools for homeschooling in Alabama. Asbury Academy Calvary School Contemporary Education Academy Crossroads Christian School Dayspring Christian Academy Essential […]

Alabama Homeschool Associations

Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) According to the CHEF website, the mission of the Christian Home Education Fellowship of Alabama is to: Promote home education in Alabama from the Christian perspective, with emphasis on family values. Present conventions and seminars for Alabama home educators and local home education leaders across the state. Protect rights of […]

Standardized Test Prep in Alabama

What State Tests Are Available in Alabama? All standardized tests in Alabama are based on Common Core Standards. In recent years, Alabama has sought to improve the standardized testing in the state’s public school system.  As a result, the state did away with the Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT) and the Alabama High School […]

Free Printable: Alabama State Facts Crossword

Do you know what the state tree of Alabama is? Or what it is known for producing? You will after you complete this fun Alabama crossword printable. Have fun learning more about the great state of Alabama! Printable worksheet – Click to download in PDF format Printable worksheet – Click to download in PDF format

Alabama Field Trips for Homeschoolers

Field trips are one of the best things about homeschooling. Instead of learning by studying something, you get the opportunity to learn by doing! They give parents and students a break from their traditional routine. If your homeschool ever starts feeling stale, educational field trips in Alabama just might light the spark that reminds you […]

Umbrella School Info by Time4Learning

What is an Umbrella School? There is no universal definition for an umbrella (or cover) school because home education laws vary from state to state. In Alabama, for instance, homeschoolers can set up as a private school, hire a certified tutor, or affiliate with a cover school. In Florida, homeschooling through an umbrella school is […]

Standardized Testing By State

How can I help my child succeed on standardized tests? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by Time4Learning members and for good reason. In response, Time4Learning’s staff has assembled this overview on standardized testing, including practical tips and suggestions on how you can improve your child’s performance. Read on and or go […]

FREE Printable Maps

Printable Maps of the United States of America Large Map of the United States (2′ x 3′ size) Unlabeled US Map (letter size) Alabama State Map Outline Alaska State Map Outline Arizona State Map Outline Arkansas State Map Outline California State Map Outline Colorado State Map Outline Connecticut State Map Outline Delaware State Map Outline Florida […]

Unschooling: Laws & How to Start

What Is Unschooling? Unschooling is a style of home education that allows the student’s interests and curiosities to drive the path of learning. Rather than using a defined curriculum, unschoolers trust children to gain knowledge organically. Contrary to how it sounds, unschooling is an active learning process and not the passive, unstructured method that its […]

Standardized Test Prep in Maine

What State Tests Are Available in Maine? The state of Maine has a testing and accountability system in place to ensure that public school students are receiving proper instruction and progressing adequately. All Maine standardized testing falls under the umbrella of Maine Educational Assessments (MEA). These assessments are administered annually to students, with the majority […]

Standardized Test Prep in Louisiana

What State Tests Are Available in Louisiana? Some of the Louisiana state tests such as the LEAP tests were designed specifically for Louisiana students with significant input given from Louisiana teachers. Below is a list of the Louisiana standardized tests currently offered: Louisiana Educational Assessment Program (LEAP) – Students in grades 3-8, and 11, are […]

30 Days to Homeschool Simplification

Your 30 Days to Homeschool Simplification Guide is on its way! If you’re looking for more great homeschooling advice and free resources, or want to learn more about how our curriculum can benefit your homeschool, check out our blog! You’ll receive tips and ideas to keep everyone happy and learning all year long. Don’t let […]

Summer Motivational Packet

Your Summer Motivational Packet is on its way! If you’re looking for more great homeschooling advice and free resources, or want to learn more about how our curriculum can benefit your homeschool, check out our blog! You’ll receive tips and ideas to keep everyone happy and learning all year long. Keep your children motivated while […]

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